Great Essay About Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise

Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise has been always a great proverb.It is very similar to the quote action is louder than speak.We will explore the main purpose of this quote in this article.There is such a thing as moral economy in nature. When one thing is in excess, the other is in deficit. When the brain is rich, the brawn is poor, when the leaves of a tree are too many, there is very little fruit in it. When energy is spent immoderately in one way it is bound to fall short in another way.

It is for this reason that we find that those who talk much talk little sense. As empty vessel sounds much and it is the want or emptiness of reason and sense and not its fullness that makes*, man garrulous. Words are given to express our thoughts but in the case of those who talk much, words convey very thought.

Those who are wise and thoughtful, those who are real men action talk little.The amount of energy given to a man is fixed ‘and limited. Wise men know that life is a bundle of deeds which they have got to perform. So they conserve their energy for action and do not fritter it away in tall, empty talks. Life is real, life is earnest and there is nothing more unreal than mere talk for . the sake of talking.

The Secret Of Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise

Moreover nothing is more complex and mysterious than human life. There is always a conflict of motive behind every action. For these reasons it is very difficult to form correct judgement on men and affairs. It lakes time and demands careful attention. This is why Christ said, “Judge not,” this why Shakespeare says. “Give every man thine ear, but few  voice.” Judgement being so very difficult, a thoughtful maas.never speaks glibly and at random.

Human transaction are based on words. Very few people care to put down in writing what they say in their mouth. The majority of actions is done on verbal promises and assurances. I say, “I will go there,” and taking me at my word you invite people to meet me and make arrangements for my reception. This is the way in which things are generally done here. Great is the responsibility of words, great is the honour attached to it. Hence all honest men are shy of words, because their mind, word and action are one.

But the fools,men devoid of reason-talk glibly and their garrulity only brings on them contempt. The want of reason is made up by their talks. At times they want to deceive men by tall talks, but they are soon found out.For all these reasons, garrulity is condemned by all sensible men; and a man who talks much  often talks little sense.

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