Great Explanation About A Thing of Beauty Summary By John Keats

john keats a thing of beauty summary is joy forever has always been a masterpiece in english literature.Here is excellent summary of this poem line a thing of beauty is being discussed.Beauty has a perennial charm for men of all ages and all countries. The ancient Greeks  admired and worshipped talon and the modern poets like Keats sing.Beauty is truth, truth beauty,that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. The child sees the moon with no less eagerness than the grownup man. What is charming is a source of universal joy

 The reason why beauty has such an appeal to men is perhaps due to this, that symmetry and proportion which constitute harmony, is the essence of beauty and this harmony is also in; the human nature. So when a man admires beauty, he is but admiring what is within him Cp. Dryden:

The Ultimate Guide To A Thing of Beauty Summary

From harmony, from harmony,

The universal frame began.

The diapason closing full in man.

But the term beauty is often loosely used to denote what is temporarily pleasing to the eye as well as to what is abiding charming to the sense and the soul. The latter of course is true beauty.

It is only the last kind of beauty that is a joy for ever. Mere sensuous beauty gives us temporary delight, but can not give eternal joy. The Greeks who were ardent lovers of beauty always understood beauty in this sense. This is proved by the simple fact that to kalon was used both to denote beauty and moral nobility. In fact they took beauty in a wider and deeper sense, carrying with it the ideas of eternal law and of divine justice.In this noble sense beauty becomes one with truth and goodness. The beauty is not only a thing of joy, but beauty is truth and truth beauty.

When man truly realises the oneness of these three apparently different aspects, then his heart is filled with a joy transcending all earthly happiness. He feels within him true joy at the realisation of that beauty who is at the same time the reality of all realities. He feels joy also in the material objects because the divine bliss is present behind all the joys connected with the diverse object of the world.It is only when beauty is regarded in this way that it is truly ennobling and is source of everlasting joy.

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