Great Essay About Fast Bind, Fast Find With Examples

Here is great proverb fast bind ,fast find is being discussed.Life is one long tale of suffering, misfortune, difficulties and dangers. A few of these mishaps are so inscrutable and mysterious that they defy explanation and are put down to bad luck. But the majority of them are of our making, for which none but ourselves is responsible. What we glibly describe as fate is but the resultant on our own actions.

Our errors, inattention, incapacity, frivolity, idleness, hesitation, and thoughtlessness are responsible for most of our sufferings and misfortunes. This is why a man has been called the architect of his own fortune. He makes or mars his fortune.

In the great game of chess called life, our opponents are always ready to take advantages of our inattention and checkmate us. Hence is the great necessity of being always on the alert, if we are to win in the end. Care and circumspection are essential.

Every error is fatal. We can never be exactly where we were. In the struggle of life adverse forces will drive us to the wall. Time and tide will wait for none and will wash us down to greater depths of error.

Indiscretion often spells disaster. He must choose the right path and at the right moment. There is no room for hesitation, far less for indiscretion in life.

He who can guard against these fatal pitfalls of life can alone hope to win. Those who are careful, exact and correct in their judgement avoid the common dangers of life and succeed in the end. They by their conduct and character prove the truth of the proverb, fast bind, fast find.

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