Guide: Genshin Impact – Rosary. Best builds, weapons, artifacts

Rosary is a newly released character in Genshin Impact . The cold-blooded and laconic nun, wielding a spear and the Cryo element, earned the love of players while still an NPC, and now we were finally able to try her out. Rosary can act both as a support and as a main damage dealer – of course, with proper pumping.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Rosary


  • Decent AoE Cryo Damage with the ability to quickly create elemental reactions.
  • Due to the passive skill “Supportive Darkness”, the crit chance for the entire group after using the ultimate of Rosaria increases by 15% of the critical chance of the Rosaria itself. The effect lasts 10 seconds.
  • Excellent dynamics of the battle as the main character;
  • Slightly increases the movement speed of the group during the night in-game time.


  • The elemental skill does not carry the Rosary behind the back of large opponents.

Rosary Abilities

Immediately, we indicate that for the main damager of the Rosary, we first of all swing the main attack, the Spear of the Church , for the support – the explosion of the elements Rite of death . But this does not mean that you should forget about pumping other skills.

Main Attack – Church Spear

The usual attack option is up to five sweeping spear strikes. Charged attack is standard for all spearmen: lunge.

Elemental Skill – Executing Confession

Using Execution Confessions teleports Rosaria behind the enemy’s back, where she impales him with her spear and deals Cryo damage with an increased crit chance, but teleportation behind the back does not work with large enemies. The skill has a very fast recharge, so it makes sense to switch to Rosary more often, if she is not the main damage dealer, in order to squeeze out her elemental skill and get another portion of energy.

Elemental explosion (ulta) – Rite of death

Ulta Rosaria deals Cryo damage twice: first, she makes a wide swing with her spear, and then plunges it into the ground. Remaining in the ground for 8 seconds, the spear inflicts Cryo damage to all enemies within the radius of action every 2 seconds. The explosion of the elements of the Rosary can serve as a good reactor for the elemental reaction of the Cryo element with Electro: the Superconductor effect reduces the enemy’s resistance to physical damage and deals additional cold damage.

The best constellations for the Rosary

If you are ready to spend additional source stones to get constellations, then for Rosaria as a support, it will be enough to collect the first two stars, increasing the duration of the Elemental Blast by 4 seconds.

But for a full-fledged main damager of the Rosary, it makes sense to open all six constellations, although it will cost a pretty penny. In addition, the sixth constellation will come in handy, even if you later decide to move the Rosary to the place of a support: the effect of “Divine Judgment” will help any main damage dealer who is sharpened for physical damage.

  1. Sinner’s revelations. On a critical hit, Rosaria’s normal attack speed and damage are increased by 10% for 4 seconds.
  2. Unhappy land. Increases the duration of the Ice Lance skill Rite of Death by 4 sec.
  3. The sacrament of repentance. Increases skill level Executing Confession by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  4. Blessed flour. Crete. Hits from the Execute Confession skill restore 5 pts . energies of the Rosary. Can occur no more than 1 time for each use of the Executing Confession skill .
  5. Death prayer. Increases the skill level of Rite of death by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  6. Divine judgment. The attacks of the Death Rite skill decrease the physical. enemy resistance by 20% for 10 sec.

The best weapon for the Rosary

Golden weapon

The staff of Homa gives the maximum increase to the damage of the Rosary, which is useful for both the main damage dealer and the support. The spear increases crit. damage up to 66%, and this will allow you to collect a high crit. chance with the help of artifacts. Homa’s staff increases survivability by increasing health by 40%, and also gives a bonus to attack depending on the maximum amount of HP. When the hero’s health falls below 50%, the bonus to attack power increases by an additional 1.8% of the max. HP.

The Jade Kite is the second best on our list with excellent base damage. For the support Rosaria, it will not be so useful because of the need to constantly keep her on the field in order to maintain stacks that hang for 6 seconds, but it will be much easier for the main damage dealer to collect stacks – hence the benefit from the Kite. Increases crit. chance, thereby strengthening the bonus for the group

Purple weapon

A deadly battle from a battle pass increases attack power and defense by 32% when there are two or more enemies nearby, but if there is only one enemy, the attack bonus rises to 48% – but without protection. Thus, in a fight with many small opponents, the spear increases survivability and allows you to make mistakes, and in skirmishes with bosses, the spear maximizes the damage done. Increases crit. chance, thereby strengthening the bonus for the group. More suitable for a support rosary.

Dragon’s Spine Spear is a craftable spear available to everyone with an interesting effect when attacking. Hits with a normal or charged attack with a certain chance (100% at the fifth elevation) will create an ice crystal above the enemy, which deals damage in the area. If the enemy has a Cryo effect, the bonus increases significantly. The crystal spawns every 10 seconds. The passive spear bonus gives increased physical damage, so it is more suitable for Rosaria as the main damage dealer. An alternative to the Spear of the Dragon Spine can be the Peak of the Crescent – it also gives a bonus to physical. damage and is created by the blacksmith without additional investments.

The best artifacts for the Rosary

Rosary – the main damage dealer (Physical damage or physical + Cryo damage)

There are several options, one of which is two pieces of the Blood Knight and two pieces of the Gladiator’s End set . They will provide a bonus to physical. damage by 25% and attack power by 18%, respectively. This is a versatile option that is suitable for use in combat with both types of attacks.

The four pieces from the Blood Knight set are fine if you intend to fight mostly with charged attacks, while the full set of Gladiator’s End will be more useful for those using mostly normal – not charged – attacks.

  • Physical damage bonus cup ;
  • Hours for% attack power.
  • Hat with crit. chance or crit. damage. It is advisable to keep the crit balance. chance and crit. damage 1: 2, that is, for 50% crit we want to collect at least 100% crit. damage.

Best additional features:

  1. Crete. chance;
  2. Crete. damage;
  3. % attack.

Rosary – support or sub-DPS (Cryo damage)

The two artifacts from the Lost in the Blizzard set and the Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility will bring the greatest efficiency . The first will give a bonus to increase Cryo damage by 15%, the second will increase the damage from the ultimate by 20%.

If your group does not have a character who will use the full set of the Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility and give a bonus to the attack for the whole team, you can give it to the Rosaries – this will also be a good decision.

  • Cryo Damage Cup ;
  • A watch with a bonus for energy recovery or% attack power.
  • Hat with crit. chance or crit. damage. It is advisable to keep the crit balance. chance and crit. damage 1: 2, that is, for 50% crit we want to collect 100% crit. damage.

Best additional features:

  1. Crete. chance;
  2. Crete. damage;
  3. % attack;
  4. energy recovery.

Best Companions for Rosary

  • Dilyuk . We recommend him as the main damage dealer in a group with a support Rosary: ​​in the area of ​​effect of Rosaria’s ultimate, Dilyuk will be able to consistently create the Melting effect, which deals huge damage. Any other main damage dealer with the element of Pyro can become an alternative to Dilyuk.
  • Razor . Perfect for the role of the main damage dealer in a group with a support Rosary, if you want to use the Superconductor reaction (Cryo + Electro) to reduce the resistance of opponents to physical damage.
  • Lisa. Increase the total damage of your group thanks to the Superconductor reaction, dealing damage in an area and reducing the defense of targets by 40%, which will help the main damager of Rosaria in dealing damage.
  • Qiqi. Provides an elemental resonance that grants a bonus 15% crit. chance on frozen enemies and targets under the influence of Cryo, and also heal your group in a difficult situation. Alternatives to Qiqi are Dione, Chun Yun, and Keia.

In which groups and with what weapons and artifacts do you use the Rosary? Share your experience in the comments: the community is still looking for the perfect builds for this aggressive nun.


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