All Artifacts in Genshin Impact: how to get them

Here you will find a guide to all the artifacts in Genshin Impact, what the sets and outfits are, what bonuses they grant, and how to upgrade them to get the most out of them.

Daniel González ·9:57 6/10/2020


  1. How to get artifacts?
  2. Categories of artifacts
  3. Sets of artifacts and their bonuses (all sets)
  4. Improve artifacts and their statistics

The artifacts are a type of item of equipment used in Genshin Impact to improve our characters with additional statistics. There are a lot of them and they are vital to face the most difficult missions. In this entry of our complete guide we show you all the artifacts and their sets and what bonuses each one gives you.

How to get artifacts?

First, before going on to explain the operation of artifacts in depth, let’s clarify how they can be obtained in the game in case anyone had any doubts. It is actually quite simple, since all artifacts can be obtained by simply completing missions, opening chests around the world, defeating boss enemies, realizing domains, and so on .


Obtaining each one is random , so just play and do all kinds of tasks to obtain them.

Artifact Categories

Each character in the game can equip 5 artifacts at the same time. There are 5 main categories of artifacts that are conditioned by the shape they have and these determine a type of bonus, they are the following:

  • Flower:improves life.
  • Feather of bird: theyimprove the base attack.
  • Clock:can improve attack, defense, health, elemental mastery or energy recharge.
  • Cup:can improve attack, defense, health, bonus to physical damage or bonus to elemental damage.
  • Touched:can improve attack, defense life, elemental mastery, critical damage, critical rate or healing bonus.

Each of these categories of artifacts can belong to a set or set that we will see below.

Artifact sets and their bonuses (all sets)

One of the most important things to know about artifacts is that they are useful on their own, but equipping them together creating sets gives you special bonuses that are much more beneficial for your characters.

There are two types of bonuses; on the one hand when we equip 2 artifacts from the same set and on the other when we equip 4 artifacts from the same set (for example adventurer or traveling medic). It is always better to try to equip artifacts by creating a set to receive the bonus, rather than equipping individual artifacts each from a different set.

There are a total of 29 different sets of artifacts in the game , they are the following:

Set 2-piece set 4-piece set
Adventurous Maximum Life +1,000 Opening a chest regenerates 30% health over 5 seconds.
Lucky DEF +100. Collecting Blackberries restores 300 health.
Itinerant doctor Increases healing by 20%. Casting an ultimate ability restores 20% health.
Instructor Elemental Mastery increased by 80. After using an elemental ability, increase the Elemental Mastery of all party members by 120 for 8 seconds.
Berserker Crit rate + 12%. When life is below 70% the critical rate increases by 24%.
Exiled Energy recharge + 20%. Using an elemental blast regenerates 2 energy for other party members every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
Traveler’s heart Attack + 18%. Increases Charged Attack Crit Rate by 30%.
Martial artist Normal and Charged Attack Damage + 15%. After using an elemental ability, normal and charged attack damage + 25% for 8s.
Guardian Heart Base defense + 30%. Increase elemental resistance by 30% for each element present in the group.
Miracle All elemental resistances are increased by 20%. Incoming elemental damage increases corresponding elemental resistance by 30% for 10 seconds. It can only occur once every 10 seconds.
Warrior’s Heart Attack + 18%. Increases damage by 30% against enemies above 50% health.
Player The damage of an elemental ability is increased by 20%. Defeating an enemy has a 100% chance to remove elemental skill recharge. It can only occur once every 15 seconds.
Scholar Energy recharge + 20%. Gaining energy grants 3 energy to all party members with a bow or catalyst equipped. It can only occur once every 3 seconds.
Gladiator’s End Attack + 18%. If the bearer of this artifact set uses a Light Sword, Claymore Sword, or Spear, their normal attack damage is increased by 35%.
Beloved Maiden Character healing effectiveness + 15%. Using an elemental ability or blast increases the healing received by all party members by 20% for 10 seconds.
Ancient Ritual of Nobility Elemental burst damage + 20%. Using an elemental blast increases the attack of all party members by 20% for 12 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
Bloodthirsty Cavalry Physical damage + 25%. After defeating an opponent, increase charged attack damage by 50% and reduce stamina cost to 0 for 10s.
Wanderer’s Orchestra Elemental Mastery +80. Increases the damage of the charged attack by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or Bow.
Emerald Green Shade Anemo DMG bonus + 15%. Increase Whirlpool Damage by 60%. Reduces the opponent’s elemental resistance to the element infused in the whirlpool by 40% for 10 seconds.
Thunder’s Fury Electro DMG bonus + 15%. Increases the damage done by Overcharged, Electrocharged, and Superconducted DMGs by 40%. Activating these effects reduces elemental skill cooldown by 1 second. It can only occur once every 0.8 s.
Thunder Tamer Electro resistance increased by 40%. Increases damage against enemies affected by Electro by 35%.
Crimson Witch in Flames Pyro DMG bonus + 15%. Increases Burning and Overcharged damage by 40%. Increases vaporize and melt DMG by 15%. Using an elemental ability increases the effects of the 2-piece set by 50% for 10 seconds. Maximum 3 stacks.
Virtuous Lava Corridor Pyro Resistance increased by 40%. Increases damage against enemies on fire or affected by Pyro by 35%.
Archaic Petra Geo DMG bonus + 15%. When obtaining a crystal created through a geelemental reaction, all members of the party gain 35% resistance for that particular element for 10 seconds. Only one form of elemental resistance can be obtained this way at any one time.
Meteorite recoil Increases shield effectiveness by 35%. Gain an additional 40% normal and charged attack damage while under the protection of a shield.

Since the characters can only equip 5 artifacts, we can only make them have a bonus of 2 different sets or a single one of 4 artifacts of the same set.

1 Piece Set

In particular, there are four types of artifacts that alone offer a bonus . That is, you only need to equip them with 1 piece to receive their bonus (which would complete the equipment of our character’s artifacts). Are these:

Set Artifact Bonus (1 piece)
Ritual of Wisdom Thunder Tiara Electro affects you 40% less time.
Ritual of Spring Frost Tiara Cryo affects you 40% less time.
Ritual of Enlightenment Flame Tiara Pyro affects you 40% less time.
Ritual of Destiny Torrentes Tiara Hydro affects you 40% less time.

Improve artifacts and their stats

Artifacts, like weapons or characters, have their own levels and also rarity stars. Of course, the best ones are the 4 and 5-star ones (the ones that are worth leveling up by strengthening them), although these are the rarest to achieve and also the ones that will take you the longest to improve.

Each artifact has a primary stat (determined as we have seen by its shape), and up to four secondary stats . Every time you raise an artifact four levels, it will unlock a new secondary stat and it will become more powerful (this stat can never be the same as the main stat).

Depending on the rarity stars that an artifact has, it can be strengthened more or less .

  • 1-star artifacts:can be upgraded to level 4.
  • 2-star artifacts:can be upgraded to level 8.
  • 3-star artifacts:can be upgraded up to level 12.
  • 4-star artifacts:can be upgraded to level 16.
  • 5 Star Artifacts –Can be upgraded to level 20.

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