GTA 5: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

GTA 5: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Want to try GTA 5 online play but have no idea where to start or what to do? Here is our detailed guide to help you learn all the information, tips and tricks to get you used to the game. Let us begin!

Grand Theft Auto , or GTA for short, is a huge game series developed by Rockstar Games . The famous sequence has come a long way since its first introduction in 1997. GTA V, the latest playable edition of the game, attracts more than a million players around the world with its exciting new features. GTA 5’s online play is probably the biggest factor why the game is so popular. If you are a newbie to GTA 5 Online, then definitely read on to learn everything you need to do to build your own underground empire.

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What is the online game of GTA 5?

GTA Online is a popular online multiplayer game developed in conjunction with GTA 5. It was conceived to give players unique experiences in an ever-evolving world . Up to 30 players (on next-gen consoles and PCs, fewer on PS3 and Xbox 360) can freely move around the familiar single-player map and enter different lobbies to complete jobs or heists. Upon completing the missions, there will be rewards in the form of money and in-game experience. Players can also create custom jobs, compete with other crews to earn points, and increase their rankings online.

Online game for GTA 5 can be called the customizable multiplayer version of the game. It allows more selection when it comes to character creation so you stand out from the crowd. Similar to the single player mode, players can gain experience from missions to improve their character’s attributes. Leveling up also unlocks weapons, clothing, car customizations, and other activities. If you travel through this open world of online game only for GTA 5, you will become an easy target to hunt for others. Therefore, it is always advisable to join or create a guild team to fight alongside you.

Complete the tutorial for the GTA 5 online game

To join GTA 5 online to play, you will first have to finish the tutorial . It should be available for you to choose after completing a player’s main story prologue. The tutorial can last an hour. To access the tutorial, open the Online menu tab and choose the Play GTA Online option. Here, the game will prompt you to create your character online before sending you to Saint Andrew to learn the ropes.


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This is a crucial step if you want to survive the world of GTA Online. It will teach you everything you need to understand the essentials of the game and choose a suitable path.

Things to do in the online game of GTA 5

Get a good ride

The first thing to do after entering GTA Online is to find a car . It will be your transportation until you save enough money for a new one, so take your time. Don’t rush to find a random car on the street. Look for a decent car, as you won’t be able to find premium cars right away, like in single player mode.

So save 2,000 to buy a tracker at any Los Santos Customs store. It’s like a vehicle ownership license, allowing you to easily get it back if it is lost. The insurance is also a must, considering you’re playing with others that can damage or even destroy your vehicle.

Closed and loaded

A good weapon is essential if you want to master GTA 5 online games. The online city of Los Santos is a criminal haven , full of scum and villainy – a place where you don’t want to walk around with just a semi-automatic pistol. So equip yourself with a good piece of weaponry for both defense and offense. Remember, the best gun for you is not necessarily the most expensive you can afford. It should be the weapon with which you are most effective.

Earn some money

The money from the game is the currency you’ll use to exchange for each item of online games GTA 5. Now, there are two ways to get money the easy way or the hard way .

The easy way: Small money from the sale of stolen cars . One of the options to earn money for new players in GTA Online is to steal cars. It’s the surest way to earn 4,500 per day , maybe more if you get a good sale. The best cars to steal are SUVs and Coupes , they are always in demand. Also, remember to check your phones regularly for Simeon’s text. If they deliver the exact vehicle he orders, they will have decent money.


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The bad news : Go steal for a lot of money. The best way to make money quickly and efficiently is by robbing places . Get a mask before robbing stores in Los Santos to avoid being recognized. This method is risky, but it comes with a greater reward. You can earn up to 40,000 a day if things go well. Stealing a helicopter and using it as an escape trip will add more fun to the game.

Buy a garage

A garage allows you to store cars and easily access them as long as you connect to GTA 5 online to play. The last thing you want to do is leave our precious cars outside when you’re offline.

Spread your reputation

If you want to play the GTA 5 online game, then building your reputation is crucial. Reputation ( RP ) can be used to level character attributes and increase your skill. There are many ways to get RP. You can participate in a chase with the police, complete jobs or help other players. Don’t run like a total maniac killing everyone you see, as that takes a lot off your RP.

Tips for GTA 5 online play

Always deposit your money in cash

We cannot emphasize how important money is to comfortably playing the GTA 5 online game. It’s never a great idea to wander around with a lot of money in your pockets, both in-game and in real life. You will drop a good chunk of money if other players hit you. So remember to take out your phone to make an electronic deposit after winning something . You can also use ATMs to do this, but the phone is much more convenient.

Instant car recovery

When your car is miles and miles away and you don’t feel like going there, grab your phone for quick work. Your car should immediately appear on your side. Now cancel the job and continue with what you plan.


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Save your game

Don’t stop playing GTA 5 online instantly, it can cause data loss and all your progress can be discarded. Instead, press Start, select GTA Online, and then press “Leave.” It will be difficult to save anywhere on the map.

Is it free to play GTA 5 online?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can play the single player world with the pirate version of GTA 5 , but you can’t do the same with GTA Online . You must purchase the game from Rockstar to use this feature. If you make an effort to log in and try to play GTA 5 online for free, your account will be permanently locked.

This concludes our beginner’s guide to GTA 5 online play. It’s fun, interactive, and dynamic. You will never run out of things you can do in the online multiplayer world. So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, form your team and rule the underground in GTA Online.


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