Graphic products for Mother’s Day: tips for selling more!

If you intend to generate extra income by reselling graphic products for Mother’s Day, you should use the beginning of the year to make contact with your potential customers. After all, promotions start to be announced at least a month in advance and, in addition to a lot of creativity, it is necessary to show initiative and proactivity to stand out in such a competitive market.

To help you benefit from this season full of opportunities, we have selected the best suggestions for graphic products that can be commercially explored for that date. Good reading!

Graphic products for Mother’s Day


They are the most practical and quick way to leave establishments visually prepared for Mother’s Day. With them, it is possible to change the facade, walls and even the furniture of a store without damaging them.

Insert elements that refer to the commemorative date  respecting the existing visual identity so as not to mischaracterize it. The use of stickers in the thematic decoration of a store should strengthen the brand image, never harm it.

Banners and banners

They are graphic materials widely used to inform the customers of establishments about their promotions, different opening hours and to draw the attention of consumers. They are also very useful as signage, directing the flow of people inside stores.

To create attractive banners and banners, include a short text, which can be distributed clearly and objectively in the space. Remember that if the message cannot be read from a distance, the material will not be efficient.

Magazines and catalogs

They are the best options to promote, in a more sophisticated and targeted way, the products and special promotions of Mother’s Day to the public that the establishment wants to reach. Because they contain several pages (usually colored), they have a slightly higher cost – which requires an even more neat and careful editing with details.

Produce attractive, credible editorials that arouse public interest and attraction and also have a long life. The secret to this result is to invest in good quality images and relevant content, with detailed and correct product descriptions.

Bags and packaging

These are items that have the power to add more value to products sold in establishments. When they are of good quality and have attractive art, they end up being reused by customers on other occasions, increasing the visibility of the brand.

In addition, most of the products sold during this period are present and offering a bag or packaging that does not require extra wrapping is a great advantage for stores.

Tags and cards

They are complements that add more charm and personality to the packages. Usually, they bring more information about the brand, contacts, thank you notes, product usage and conservation tips or other pertinent information.

For Mother’s Day, include messages of affection, colors and soft and delicate illustrations. Also reserve a space for customers to write their own dedications.

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