Discover 9 amazing graphic products for Easter

Did you know that knowing how to value your products is one of the most indispensable skills among  sales techniques ? Knowing how to show your customers the right reasons why they should buy something can guarantee the closing of many deals. The Easter festival, for example, is an excellent time for the graphic production market, thanks to the variety of options that can be explored. Check out now ideas for Easter graphic products that you should know how to present to your customers!

9 graphic products for easter

1. Mold for candy

Proper packaging to place candy units separately is one of the most updated types of molds. They allow the candy to be personalized in an interesting way – but without neglecting the client’s brand demonstration – when placed on a table, and act as a means of dissemination.

2. Candy box

Small boxes with personalized illustrations for Easter are ideal for your customers to place sets of sweets. They allow organization and good presentation in a simple way, since they are usually easy to assemble.

3. Packing for truffle

Still in the wave of easy-to-assemble packaging, the personalized ones for truffles are also great orders when it comes to graphic products for Easter. Its differential is that it has ample space to store the candy, and also makes the set ideal to be offered as a more irreverent Easter gift.

4. Thematic bags

Themed paper bags are indispensable on seasonal dates  like Easter. In addition to being a market tradition, with them your customer will be able to ensure that their consumers disclose their brand’s Easter actions when they leave the store with the bag in hand.

5. Stickers

Stickers can be a great way to both seal and decorate Easter eggs and other sweets. Encourage your customers  to use stickers that have illustrations and messages related to the festivity. They can also be used as labels for special products, sold only at that specific time.

6. Tags

Tags are a way of composing the finish of a product. They should always contain your customer’s logo and brand contact information, and work as great media when placed on products that the end consumer purchases to give to others. Encourage your buyers to apply illustrations and catchphrases that can also captivate the target audience.

7. Banners

Banners can make a difference at your customers’ points of sale. They are ideal to present any novelty or specific slogan of the Easter season to those who pass in front of the store. It is in this way that this action offers great chances to attract even more customers.

8. Store decoration

Many of your customers certainly plan to decorate the outlets with elements that refer to Easter when that time comes. Printed in the shape of rabbits, eggs and other pertinent elements are undoubtedly great decorations to offer and can be used both in the store and in the window.

9. Flyers

The pamphlets are ideal for dissemination at specific times such as Easter. Through it your customer can provide a list of special sweets that are new for Easter and make it a kind of catalog. This graphic piece, when used in this way, still ends up optimizing the process of choosing and buying the final customer, leaving him more satisfied.

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