Graphic materials for schools and educational institutions

The graphic materials for schools and educational institutions are fundamental to the operation of these establishments. They guarantee adequate internal communication, as well as offering excellent promotional and dissemination solutions.

As they are linked to the success of operations, they create a great opportunity for the graphic dealer. The best way to take advantage of this possibility, therefore, is to recognize what the main needs are.

Next, see 5 graphic materials for schools and educational institutions and learn how to use them to your advantage.

5 graphic materials for schools and educational institutions

1. Letterhead

The letterhead is very important for the communication of schools and educational institutions in general. It serves both for the exchange of internal information and for contact with students and their guardians.

It is known for having a striking visual identity and befitting the location. In general, it has a header and footer, where it is more common to have the main information, such as contact and address.

It is an indispensable material because, in the first place, it standardizes and professionalizes communication. The reinforcement of the visual identity helps the school to position itself correctly and a better image is transmitted.

In addition, it is a way to bring greater security to data exchange – after all, nobody wants to face fraud, is it? As the letterhead is exclusive for management, parents and students are sure about the origin of the contact.

In the offset version, it can appear in various weights. It also appears in the recycled version, according to the interests of the place. In addition, there are several color schemes in printing . With that, it is possible to meet several needs.

2. Envelope

Another among the graphic materials for schools and educational institutions is the envelope. In a way, it is the perfect pair of letterhead and increases the robustness of the communication.

The legal envelope is especially useful for using letterhead. In it, communications and other elements can be sent, as it allows two or three folds to be made on a traditional A4 paper. It is that typical envelope of letters and it is very convenient.

Meanwhile, the bag envelope is the largest and holds an A4 sheet without requiring folds. It is ideal for sending materials that require special care. The original transcript or an important statement should not be sent in a double way, right?

Like letterhead, it contains elements characteristic of the institution’s visual identity . Depending on the needs, it may be heavier or smaller and may even be made of recyclable material.

3. Agenda

Taking care of all school duties without planning is not easy, right? Teachers need to organize their classes and tests, while students have to plan their studies. Even employees must have visibility into tasks, such as meetings and accounts payable.

To ensure that all of this is done easily, there are agendas. Made to measure, they are distributed to professionals and even students, as at the time of registration. The presence of a calendar, space for personal information and lined pages guarantees an important help in the organization.

The institution that uses this graphic material is usually well regarded by both employees and parents and students. It is a way to follow the routine more easily, in addition to improving the fulfillment of responsibilities.

For the graphic dealer, it is valid to offer this material because it appears in various sizes and finishes. In some cases, it is possible to personalize the core, with pages that follow visual communication. The result, then, can be especially interesting and there is a way to better meet the needs of each institution.

4. Business card

Any self-respecting graphic professional knows that a business card is one of the essential elements for every business. This is no different with schools and educational institutions.

Often, a student or guardian needs to make a call, but does not know which number or means to call. Or someone interested in enrolling doesn’t know how to get in touch. Without a business card, these opportunities can be missed – and they are expensive!

For this reason, it is opportune for the institution to have a well-designed, high-quality card that helps offer the basics of contact with students and possible interested parties.

Ideally, it should be very attractive and differentiated, but without losing the useful aspect of presenting the most important data. Depending on the institution’s communication plan, it is left at the secretariat or, also, it can be distributed to potential opportunities.

The card can be double or not, in addition to having straight or rounded corners. In addition, there are several weights, special papers and different laminations. With this, there is a wide range of elements that can be offered to customers of a retailer in the industry.

5. Institutional catalog

Choosing an educational institution is a complex decision and one that requires great consideration. You can’t decide which school or college to enroll without thinking about it, can you?

As they know this, schools, colleges and similar places use the institutional catalog. It contains all pertinent information, such as the body of teachers, tuition fees and structure.

This is a resource widely used by colleges, which need to demonstrate even more capacity to offer good training.

To transmit the correct image, the catalog has to be well designed and printed with quality. In addition to following the visual identity of all other resources, this element should generate a good experience.

The weight varies according to the desired, as well as the size and number of pages. The varied finish is also important and needs to be consistent with other productions. Eventually, the existence of a truly differentiated and enlightening catalog can lead to decision on enrollment.

When recognizing the main graphic materials for schools and educational institutions, its performance in resale is the most favored. To offer high quality items, be sure to have the right partners and get the best performance!To have other tips and follow the news of the graphic market, follow


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