Graphic materials for the World Cup: know what to sell

Several interesting events for marketing graphic materials take place throughout the year, in addition to known  anniversaries  and holidays. This year, we can include in this package the expected World Cup and with it we can approach several graphic materials for the World Cup that you as a graphic professional can offer to your client.

The season can be a great alternative to gain more customers and increase sales of graphic products. The event moves the country, and Brazilians are not looking forward to the World Cup, are they? Not to mention that item customization is an important market strategy for companies.

If you want to know which graphic materials for the World Cup have the most output and how to sell them, this post was made for you! We brought some ideas for you to get inside and know how to encourage the sale of more graphic materials for the World Cup. See the tips that follow and conquer the supporters of the canary national team!

Graphic materials for the World Cup

Create World Cup Tables

Cheering for Brazil at the World Cup is a Brazilian tradition: families get together, friends arrange meetings, even work schedules are changed on game days. One item that many people make a point of having is the famous World Cup table . And in fact it is the best way to follow the next games and also the points of each selection.

It is possible to think about creating a model and personalize it for your printing shop or other stores, commercial establishments (including gastronomic ones, such as restaurants and bars) and other companies. While the customer marks the table, he will be in contact with his brand on the form. In other words, it is a good way to fix the brand in people’s memory.

Invest in personalized packaging and bags

Everyone wants to cheer for Brazil and wants to demonstrate this passion for fans even in the products they buy. Certainly the personalized packaging for the World Cup will work as a way to please the consumer and involve the population in this world event.

Those who get together to watch a game do not neglect snacks and drinks. So it will be an incredible idea to invest in packaging for snacks, such as sweets and popcorn, as well as personalized bags. Along with the products, the consumer will be taking a bag of the Cup! It sounds silly, but the truth is that it makes all the difference when it comes to  enchanting the customer .

Design menus and tray papers for gastronomic environments

It is quite common for fans to fill bars and  restaurants  with friends and family in order to follow the broadcasts of the games. Certainly, a personalized World Cup menu will be an item that cannot be missed for those who want to attract consumers with the support of the sporting event.

You can only count on a different graphic layout, but some establishments even create a special menu for the games, with food from participating countries or with names that refer to the selections. Without forgetting the special announcements, such as: “Beer for half the price, if Brazil wins today’s match”.

And thinking about the supporter in the bar or restaurant celebrating the World Cup, why not invest in tray papers or placemats for the local tables? What matters is to give the special touch when delivering snacks and drinks to customers.

Bet on banners, banners, easels and flags

If even the façades of the houses are decorated, why not the front of the stores and other commercial and gastronomic establishments? The banners motivate fans to get involved with the side games and events that are promoted by the brands.

If there is a promotion related to the World Cup, nothing better than a great banner to inform and attract consumers to the store. The easels also help in the promotion and must be personalized with the theme of Brazil.

We can’t forget the flags! A good fan in love with the country does not let the World Cup pass without having a Brazilian flag. They serve to decorate both environments and automobiles. You have certainly noticed that vehicles fill the city with Brazilian flags hanging from antennas or glass, right?

Print World Cup stickers

The stickers are an easy way to please customers. Children, young people and adults like to receive them and also buy items like this to keep their belongings decorated. Stickers can be pasted on doors, windows, cars, notebooks, books and wherever else the imagination allows.

They can be made in different sizes and models. The possibilities are great, especially for the World Cup. A good idea is to personalize them with the names of the fans. Who will not like to look for a fan sticker with your name to stamp your objects?

Adhesives can also adorn commercial establishments, being applied to glass doors, for example. In addition to decorating the space, they can be used as an important signage.

Make pens, bookmarks, mugs and other gifts

Since we talk about gifts, we cannot leave out the stationery items that everyone uses and likes. If the proposal is to create promotions and please customers, stores must not forget the gifts. In addition, the World Cup is a favorable time for the draws. Stores can create real kits to reward fans with more hits.

It is interesting to invest in items such as pens (which everyone uses, loves and needs), bookmarks , key chains and also mugs. The objects can be decorated with the colors of Brazil, images of the flags or even be a collector’s item with the different names of the players of the selection. You can’t miss  creativity !

The universe of print is quite vast, and you can take advantage of this by setting up a good sales strategy. With innovative ideas it is possible to attract customers to make different thematic graphic materials.

After the World Cup ends, the flags of Brazil can still be used throughout 2018, which is also an election year. It will be necessary to continue supporting the country, don’t you think?

If you work with graphic materials this could be your year! Take advantage of the opportunities that the World Cup brings to your sales: invest in personalization for the graphic materials for the World Cup, hope for the goals and increase your profits. Towards success in green and yellow!


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