Graphic products for festa junina: see how to sell more

Holiday dates are always great opportunities to increase sales. This is mainly due to the large commercialization of personalized items in such periods. Today we will talk about what types of graphic products for festa junina you can offer to your client.

The celebrations spread everywhere, whether during  Carnival , Christmas and, of course, during the June festivities, which are considered the most popular festivities after Momo’s revelry. There is always someone who requests graphic products for the June party, with the aim of celebrating the day of Saint Peter, Saint Anthony or Saint John.

With creativity, the printing industry can benefit from these dates to guarantee extra income. After all, there are many products to be printed and personalized to decorate and encourage such celebrations. We have separated some of them to get you in the mood and connect with your audience, ensuring a fun and profitable São João!

Not sure where to start to  increase sales  in the period? This post was made for you! Continue reading and stay on top of our tips.

8 graphic products for festa junina

The personalized June flags

Between us, there is no June party without flags, is there? This is probably the first item that people look for when the idea is to decorate an environment thinking about celebrating the date in a very colorful and fun way. This is the article that most easily identifies São João.

The flags are not only used to decorate festive spaces: they appear in commercial establishments, such as bars and restaurants, shops, companies, schools and even on the streets of the city.

Hence, just think about the best forms of personalization, with imagination and a  lot of creativity . They can contain phrases, brands, logos, newsletters. They can also announce promotions and news. In addition, there is the option of making flags in different sizes, papers and colors.

The posters and flyers for dissemination

If the subject is disclosure, depending on the case, making a poster can be essential. This is the most traditional and informative way to publicize events, parties and other events.

The posters can be fully personalized with the June theme, even adapting the language to communicate the time, date, day’s attractions and entrance fees, among other important points.

You can also invest in small versions, such as flyers, to deliver directly to customers’ hands and increase disclosure. Suddenly, it is worth even elaborating more detailed programs about the event in question to complement the information contained in the posters.

Popcorn boxes or cones

Popcorn is one of the most popular typical foods at the time of the June festivities and can also be excellent graphic products for the June festivities. What do you think of investing in personalized boxes to serve them? It is a good way to connect with people and also promote branding.

In addition, they can vary according to the flavors of popcorn: traditional, sweet, caramelized, with chocolate and so on. The boxes better accommodate the delicacy and will be in the hands (and in sight) of customers. In other words: it is a great way to broadly expose the name of companies and events.

Hot dog packaging

This is an excellent option in graphic products for the June party. Hot dogs are another popular food at the June festivals. With this gourmet wave, it is up to you to invest in personalization for the packaging of this type of food, facilitating people’s hygiene and, at the same time, giving style to the product.

As with popcorn, the food will be in the hands of customers, and the packaging will act as another form of branding. Those who wish can invest in napkins personalized with the brand, to accompany the hot dog. Another distinctive touch that helps in fixing the image of a company in the market!

Labels for beverage bottles

Why not customize all beverage bottles too? With a variety of elements (such as colors, fonts and specific images), you can create incredible labels and highlight your client’s brand – or even contribute to the promotion of the event’s sponsor, for example. This is very common during the so-called “arraiás”.

Custom labels can be produced in vinyl sticker and pack water bottles, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and even coffee cups. And let’s not forget the glasses of mulled wine, combined?

The tags for straws

Since we’re talking about drinks, what do you think about extending personalization to straws? They can be served together with bottles and in glasses – making the drinks (alcoholic or not) look like the company’s event – or following a special June theme.

The tags for straws make the difference in the decoration of any party, and their models can be quite diverse. They can be enhanced with details such as applications in felt, fabric, adhesives and colored tapes, among others.

Some refer to the saints celebrated at the time and there are still many possibilities for clipping and fitting the straws.

Themed cake toppers

In the same way as tags for straws, it is possible to invest in toppers for sweets and cakes. That’s because every self-respecting June party has a table of sweets and cakes available.

Therefore, toppers can also be made to complement the June decoration. They can have the shape of a bonfire, balloon or even flags, making the table even more festive!

Party flaps

June parties are very popular with children, especially for the amount of fun and games they can find. Not to mention the different types of sweets and candies!

Therefore, there will be plenty of options for those who want to invest in underpants. They are used to seal the candy packaging and must contain specific elements to attract children.

The flaps can be printed on coated paper with a heavier weight. This is a detail that can boost sales, especially if you have the customization of different characters. All this to attract the little ones.

Do not forget that customers demand quality , so it is essential that prints are in vibrant colors and that all information content is legible to people. The  market is competitive , there are printers on every corner and the demand is high.

It is essential to invest in a differential. If creativity is a prerequisite, having a reliable printer can be one of the most relevant differentials.

Now that you know the suggestions of graphic products for the June party, get to work! The opportunities to secure a good extra income are right at your doorstep.

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