Graphic materials for parties and events: which are the most used?

Holding an event requires a series of steps that differentiate it and make it achieve its goal. From a child’s birthday party to a corporate event, graphic materials for parties are excellent partners to help you succeed in this endeavor.

Their need starts at the time of inviting people and goes until the time when they leave the event taking their souvenirs. In addition, during the party, there are needs for signage and identification of dishes and places, for example. And in case of corporate events, there is still a need to publicize the company.

Thinking about the importance of graphic materials for parties in the success of an event, we prepared this post so that you know the most used pieces and learn how to sell this type of material to your customers. Come on?

What are the main graphic materials for parties?

As mentioned, there are different types of graphic materials for parties that are used for different purposes. Next, we will list the main ones, along with the role they play in your event. Check out!

Invitation Cards

The most common, obvious and necessary of all graphic materials for parties is the invitation. It is the starting point and its function is to notify the guests about the event, and also to give them the necessary information to attend, such as date, place, time and dress code.


They are very common for the dissemination of parties and events, especially when there is a need to purchase invitations or reserve seats. They also serve to make people aware of the event, however, they are not valid as an “entrance pass” for the party, like invitations.


At corporate or philanthropic events, for example, they serve to explain to participants what the objectives of the event are. At fairs, they are widely used to promote products and services that are being exhibited at stands.


They serve to identify items that are part of the party, such as flavors of sweets and snacks, reservation of seats at tables, dishes being served at the buffet, among other things. In addition, they can also be used to personalize and identify the souvenirs and gifts distributed to the event guests.


The banners serve both to signal the environment and to promote the event. At fairs, they can indicate the location of a company’s stand, for example, and at parties they even serve as part of the decoration.


It is very common, both at personal parties and at corporate events, to distribute gifts and souvenirs, such as pens, notepads , notebooks, etc. Many of them can be delivered in personalized packaging, with the visual identity of the company or the party, which gives an extra charm to the gift.


It is very common in corporate events to use participant identification credentials . At fairs, it is through them that information about the visitor is collected and, for this reason, they are indispensable in order to attract new sales contacts.

How to sell more of this type of material?

Assemble outreach kits

Assembling specific kits for each type of event is an excellent way to make complementary sales. For example, whoever buys the birthday party invitation can also take the tags to identify the sweets, as well as personalized packaging for the souvenirs.

In corporate events, the kits may contain the product, service and company presentation folder, representative’s business card, personalized pens , credentials and banners to publicize the stand.

Attend industry events

Participation in events in the graphic sector, or specific segments you want to attend, is not only a way of attracting new customers, but also a source of knowledge about new techniques and technologies.

In addition, they also serve as a showcase to demonstrate the quality of your graphic work. Since, you will produce pieces to publicize your own stand and, with that, you will be able to show your visitors the potential it has for generating good results.

Bet on customer referrals

The best advertising that exists is the indication of a satisfied consumer, therefore, the service and the quality of delivery are fundamental to make the customer happy and willing to indicate his service to other people.

This strategy can be leveraged when there is specialization in a particular segment, so focus on a niche and be surprised by the results.

Produce sample materials

Remember we talked about assembling kits for party supplies? Well, have you ever wondered if your potential client receives one of them with an example of what could be produced for his event?

It is almost irresistible to receive something like this. In this way, you will stimulate the client’s imagination, making him visualize his logo on that material. With samples, you are able to transform the subjective into something materialized and tangible.

How important is a good graphic supplier?

To help increase the satisfaction of your customers in the graphic materials sector, it is essential to have the partnership of a good supplier.

This importance goes beyond the price and print quality of the material. It is necessary that the graphic supplier is able to help you meet the deadlines agreed with your customers and, also, offer support in the application of resources, finishes and innovative techniques, thus ensuring that your agency always has a differentiated product for offer to customers.

As you can see throughout this post, graphic materials for parties may not seem to matter as much as they do. However, when holding an event without them, participants will surely miss it and will probably make negative comments regarding that absence.

Therefore, graphic materials for parties are essential for the success of your event and for achieving the objectives set for the event. Don’t even think about doing something without them!

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