KWG presents the redesign of its logo with new market positioning

With the evolution of the market and its consumers, it is clear that today’s customer is not the same as 10 years ago. People change, companies change and needs change.

Access to information has changed our habits, tastes and opinions, making us increasingly demanding and discerning. And with that, KWG felt it needed to change.

After 17 years of experience in the graphic market, the KWG brand has reinvented itself and presents its new identity. There are 17 years of history where we have evolved a lot, as a company and as people, and we are committed to always offering the best in graphic technology to our customers.

And with this commitment, we innovate.

Today we have redesigned not only our brand but also presented a new positioning. We left the formality of the Graphic Industry and started to position ourselves as Online Graphics.

With this new positioning, we are focused on expanding our product portfolio and expanding our logistics network.

Our logo redesign brings organic forms that represent movement, expansion, time and perfection. These attributes are part of our daily lives.

Each shape, each stroke, each letter was made especially for KWG . With a flat, clean design and composed of simple shapes, we bring greater legibility to the brand.

Our letter W becomes more evident and came to honor our founder and current executive director.

Our colors, cyan, magenta and yellow, previously represented in the color palette, now have greater prominence in the center of our logo, reinforcing our focus and commitment to our area of ​​expertise.

With this new brand, we align the young essence of our team and founders, with a new consumer profile that is increasingly demanding and connected.

We created a new brand for a new need, younger, more connected and closer to you. And we believe that only together, KWG and the client, will we continue to impress professional success every day.

by Abdullah Sam
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