Types of binding: know the most used in the graphic market!

Books, magazines, diaries, catalogs: all these materials require some types of binding to facilitate handling and secure the pages well. Different binding methods can be applied for this purpose, the main objective of which is to improve the reader’s experience, valuing from the easiest and safest handling of the pages to the conservation of their pages. binding types

Do you know what are the most used types of binding in the graphic market ? And what are its characteristics? To know the answer, just continue reading this post: we will talk about it and explain everything correctly, in order to answer all your doubts. Follow!

Types of binding

This is one of the most widely used forms of binding. This is because it allows better use of the material in question, especially when we talk about notebooks, books and other materials for study and writing. Spiral binding is simple, practical and can also be used in textbooks.

It starts from a coiled wire – in a spiral, hence its name – and all the sheets of the material are pierced so that they fit perfectly in the path of that wire. In this form of binding there are no leaf limits, since the size of the wire can vary so that all are well accommodated.

Wire-o binding

This is a type of binding similar to the spiral. Its difference is in the metallic rings, which are double. The hole in the paper, in this case, is square. The detail guarantees more quality to the material and also greater resistance.

Wire-o binding is a good option for thick materials or large sheets. It can handle the heavier weight of paper too, even if the number of pages is large. The cover can even be made of a harder or less flexible material.

The canoe binding

Canoe binding is also known as a staple. It consists of a type of simple finish. So it is often the cheapest. This type of binding, however, is limited in relation to the number of pages to be used.

What also influences this number of pages is the weight of the papers used in the core. The canoe binding is ideal for small booklets and handouts. This method consists of stapled sheets, as we see in magazines.

If used in graphic materials that have many pages, the finish may be impaired, since the handling of the product becomes more fragile and the leaves can detach more easily.

The square spine

The binding of the square spine style is made using glue. Therefore, it is also called glue binding. In that case, the crumb can be attached in different ways. The most traditional methods are those made with sewing or using canvas. But more modern methods can also be found using adhesives, such as PUR or Hot Melt.

As you can see, the binding can totally modify the presentation and the user experience. Therefore, keeping in mind how to choose them is essential to enhance your material. It is worth knowing more about the subject and suggesting what is most appropriate in each case for other people, too.

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