Go on a diet: here are the mistakes not to be made

Here are all the mistakes to avoid.When you want to lose weight , go on a diet and adopt the necessary habits is the first step to do it, but despite the goodwill you can make mistakes that can affect the achievement of the expected goal.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Diet

The factors that can influence a diet are many. Being on a diet, in fact, is not only a matter of will or appetite: nutrition psychology also comes into play on the ability to find the right motivations to carry on the diet to the full.

The five mistakes to avoid for those who choose to go on a diet are:

  • Skipping meals : eating irregularly is a mistake. Giving up breakfast, eating only for dinner, indulging in a “rude” and then fasting the next day, are wrong behaviors that reduce the ingested calories but the slimming effect does not last long. Instead, a carefully balanced and healthy daily meal distribution program must be followed, even better if reported in a food diary ;
  • Counting calories : rather than following very strict diets and severely calculating the calories eaten daily it would be better to focus on the type of food chosen . Vegetables, fruit, whole grains and perhaps a smoothie in the morning which can guarantee the supply of a large quantity of precious nutrients in one go are preferable ;
  • Wanting to lose weight quickly : going on a diet and expecting to see results immediately is a utopia. Losing the accumulated pounds takes time and perseverance to change the previous bad habits day after day and pursue a balanced diet;
  • Not drinking enough : underestimating adequate hydration is one of the mistakes that make a diet ineffective. Tiredness, headache, dizziness, constipation are among the main effects of dehydration. Regularly drinking 1.5 / 2 liters of water a day allows you to dispose of food waste and increases metabolism;
  • Eating emotionally : hunger not linked to the body’s requests but to the emotional sphere is a mistake, especially female, and stress, loneliness, dissatisfaction, etc. often affect . To deal with it, it is useful to keep healthy snacks in the refrigerator such as already cut vegetables and fruit, low-fat cheeses, nuts and low-calorie dried fruit to eat as needed.

Dieting: advice for success

The first rule to start a weight loss process is to rely on professionals (dieticians or nutritionists) who create a personalized and controlled diet based on the endocrine-metabolic structure and lifestyle.

Another important aspect is to face the diet with the right attitude: it is  better to support yourself with positive thoughts because you know that the main difficulty lies in starting but after the first week the right motivations will prevail to achieve a better state of health and physical appearance .

Specifically, the motivational drive involves:

  • never lose sight of the (realistic) objective set and pursue it with scrupulous constancy but without it becoming an obsession;
  • revolutionize the pantry and go shopping personally by choosing healthy foods that can nourish the body and at the same time give satisfaction;
  • putting yourself in the kitchen and cooking helps to control taste and portions without giving in to the desire to “binge”;
  • plan meals and snacks in advance by organizing times and resources;
  • seeing the first results will bring great gratification and will be the right stimulus to go ahead and not give up.

Finally, when choosing to go on a diet it is essential to keep moving . Following a constant physical activity activates the metabolism and helps to modify the body composition by burning fat and increasing lean body mass, with balance and serenity.


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