10 Mistakes you should not make on Facebook and Instagram Ads

Investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads to advertise your business, your products or your services is within the reach of anyone who has some money to invest, but the truth is that to do it well and have positive results requires a professional.This is why many people try to invest some money in advertising and end up throwing the money with little results , because if you do not know what you are doing, it is very likely that things will go wrong or at least regularly.

My recommendation will always be that you hire a professional to take you the campaigns , since we are talking about investing money, but if you want to learn how to do it, here I share the most common mistakes when advertising with Facebook and Instagram ADS.

Not having an advertising strategy defined

This is the basis of what you are going to do on Facebook and Instagram ADS so, if it’s wrong, the rest probably are too.Advertising without having a well-defined strategy is like starting to build your house from the roof.

What you should do is analyze well who your potential customer is and what needs they have that your product or service can satisfy.Once you have that clear, you must define the entire process that a client follows from the moment they know the brand until they actually buy it in order to define how you are going to make yourself known to new potential clients, how you are going to “win over” them, how you are going to get that they finally become customers or even how you are going to retain them.

Because, I’m sorry, but advertising on Facebook and Instagram is not putting an ad with your product or service and sitting down to make money .

Invest what you think

This is something that you should take into account because you may think that investing a couple of euros a day is enough, but then your brand needs a strategy that requires different advertising campaigns that makes that money insufficient .

One of the most important things to define this will be what your budget is, since if you really do not have money, you cannot invest it, but it is not the only thing …

There are many things that must be taken into account when choosing the money that you are going to invest in Facebook and Instagram ADS and it is something that you must consider in the strategy to know what you can do and what not due to lack of money.

And no, there is not an amount that is valid for all businesses and in all cases , you must carefully analyze your budget, your brand and your products or services, among other things.

Not having the tracking pixel installed on your website

The Facebook pixel is a code that you can install on your website and that installs a cookie to keep track of the users who visit it.

It is essential to use the personalized segmentation of Facebook and Instagram ADS and to analyze the results of the campaigns you have running.

If you have a web page, you must install that pixel and do it as soon as possible , since it only obtains data from its installation, so the sooner you do it, the sooner you will have valuable information to use in your campaigns.

Not having a retargeting strategy

This is a very important strategy in your advertising strategy and that you should never forget.

I already explained what retargeting was in another post on my blog, but I’ll summarize it here in case you missed it.

Surely it has happened to you countless times that you have searched for something on the Internet or you have entered a website to see their products or services and after a while, you enter Facebook or Instagram and you find an advertisement for that brand or directly for the product or service that you were seeing.

It may seem like magic, but actually through the tracking pixel they have tracked you to show you that ad for something they know you are interested in (if it weren’t, you wouldn’t have been seeing that brand).

Well, this strategy is called retargeting and it is one of the ones that gives the best results because the ad is shown to people who have already shown interest in your brand.

Thinking that advertising is hitting the promote button

Sorry, advertising is not hitting the promote button .

The promote button is very basic and has very limited options, so it usually gives more reach to some publications, but it has nothing to do with everything you can do with advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is done through the ad manager or Facebook Business Manager and is much more complex , since you have many options to create, monitor and optimize your ads.

Create 1 campaign, 1 ad set, and 1 ad

This is a very common beginner mistake.

The structure of advertising on Facebook and Instagram (and also on other social networks) is:

  1. Bells.
  2. Ad sets.
  3. Advertisements

So a campaign can contain multiple ad sets, which in turn can contain multiple ads .

So running a campaign with only one ad set and one ad is risky. More than anything because it is betting everything on a single horse, and you do not know if it is the winner nor can you compare it with others.

I cannot give you an optimal number of campaigns, ad sets or advertisements , since this will depend on the budget you have to invest and the advertising strategy you have defined.

Not choosing the right goal for your campaign

In Facebook and Instagram Ads there are different objectives and you must know which is the most appropriate for each campaign according to the objective that you have defined in your advertising strategy.

It is essential that you know these objectives well and what each one allows or not to do, since they are different and you will achieve different results depending on which one you select.


It is because of this that many times they tell me that they have put a traffic campaign, but they do not have new followers or interactions with the ad, since the objective really is that they visit a web page and not that they interact.

A campaign for different traffics

There are different types of traffic depending on the relationship the user has with your brand:

  • If they don’t know it, they talk about cold traffic .
  • If they know it, but they are not clients, they speak of mild traffic .
  • If they have already bought you, they are talking about hot traffic .

As you will understand, it is not the same to do a hot traffic campaign, which are people who not only already know you and know your products or services, but who trust your brand, than to do a cold traffic campaign for people who a few seconds ago They did not know that your brand existed …

Therefore, putting them all together, hitting them with the same ads and pretending that they convert, is a bit complicated (if not practically impossible).

Ideally, you should create different campaigns for each of the different traffics you are targeting.

Not segment well

This is a very common mistake, especially when we do not understand that not all people are our ideal client.

You have to segment and focus on reaching those people who are most likely to buy from you and for that you have to have a very well defined who your buyer persona is .

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