Fungi in plants that you should know

The problems of fungi in plants are many and varied, so sooner or later, you should use some fungicide as a preventive measure or as a remedy.

Many plant diseases are caused by fungi, which are parasitic organisms that weaken and kill their host and are sometimes difficult to control.

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The fungi in indoor plants and grown under glass can be controlled by variations in temperature, ventilation and risk for the plant recovers.

However, this is more complicated to achieve in the yard, even if you avoid waterlogging and be very careful, since fungi thrive in extremely humid conditions.

Withered, dead or rotten tissues should be removed immediately, as they can become a dangerous source of infections.

Gray mold fungus or botritis

Botritis usually affects the fleshy parts of flowers and fruits. Brown-gray hairy spores are present in the air and the disease spreads rapidly.

Therefore, it is essential that it be treated as soon as it is identified. Spray the plant with a product containing benomil .

I hate

Oídio is a fungus that affects rose bushes, oaks, apple trees, herbaceous plants and shade bananas, among other plants.

It usually attacks flowers, leaves, stems and fruits of various species. The most distinctive feature of this fungus is the white powder, in addition to the deformation of the leaves and flower buds. This evil is spread through spores that are transported by the wind like all fungi and, although it is rarely avoidable, you can do something so that the fungus does not continue to expand.

In Planeta Garden we have a sulfur-based fungicide called Elosal GD for sale , ideal for fighting Oidium and other pests such as the red spider.


Mildiu is a fungal disease that enters the stems, fruits and tissues of the leaves. In agriculture it damages the crops of tobacco, potatoes and cucurbits, in addition to cannabis.

The first symptoms of Mildiu are the appearance of white or yellow spots, usually transparent in the leaf bundle.

If the humidity is very high, probably, a white dust forms on the underside that can easily be confused with the Oidio, although if we scrape the Mildiu, what we will actually find are “oil stains”.

Fight it with a Bayer Garden systemic fungicide called Aliette WG 45g .


Chancre is a disease caused by a fungus called parasitic Cryphonectria that occurs in the branches and trunks of trees and shrubs, causing an impediment to the circulation of sage, which causes the branches to die. Fumigate with a fungicide based on copper sulfate.


Anthracnose is a disease caused by multiple fungi that occurs in the leaves, flowers, stems, orchards and ornamental plants in the form of irregular spots of orange, roasted, black or reddish.

When it appears on the leaves, it appears by means of small spots that become holes, while, in the fruits, the Anthracnose usually turns them grayish. Fight the disease with a fungicide called Sanagricola WP .

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Fungicides are usually obtained in different formulas based on wettable powders, liquids or powders that are applied according to different situations.

Check out the Planeta Garden store to get them and always remember that whatever chemical you use, you should follow the instructions on the label to fight fungi on plants .


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