Fruit ice cream

Fruit ice cream. It is a complete food that provides many nutrients and vitamins . Consumed in moderation is a good dessert or snack for any person to follow a diet healthy and balanced. Today the freshest and most popular summer dessert , without a doubt, ice cream , both in its creamy version and in sorbet or the classic ice lolly . But today its consumption has crossed the summer limits and, consequently, the Coppelia Ice Cream Shop is taken at any timeof the year. In all its varieties with different flavors it comes to occupy the first place among desserts.


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Named in its early days king delicacies , the origin of ice cream is ancient, the Chinese many centuries before Jesus Christ , mixed the snow of the mountains with honey and fruit and the caliphs of Baghdad mixed it with fruit juices. The latter gave the name of sharbets, which means drink , from which the word sherbet used today day . This mixture from China went to India , toPersia and later to Greece and Rome .

It was Marco Polo , or so it is believed, who introduced the formulas learned in his travels to the preparation of ice cream in Europe , and for a long time, by the few means available for their preparation, they were only a delicacy of kings. These first water ice creams were followed by milk ice creams , which began to become popular when in 1660 the Italian Procopius invented a machine that homogenized fruits, sugar and ice , thus obtaining a true ice cream, similar to that which today we know and that he commercialized in the establishment that he opened inParis , Café Procope. Here they began to prepare mixes of vanilla , chocolate , cream, etc., until reaching the current ones.

Since that time and until today many discoveries have been produced that have favored the development and perfection of this product and have led to industrial ice cream, the production of which has been possible thanks to inventions such as that of the American Nancy Johnson , who in 1846 created the first automatic ice cream maker.

Appetizing and nutritious

The cream , for usually be a mixture of food quality ( milk , yogurt , fruit and fruit dry, etc.), is refreshing, tasty, nutritious and easily digested . The “first quality” ice cream is the one that contains the highest proportion of fat , which contributes to its excellent palatability and creaminess (10 grams of fat for every 100 grams of ice cream, unlike those of milk, which contain about 6% ). It is less airy (contains less air in the mix) than most common ice creams and includes good quality flavorings, such as natural fruit.


Natural Ice Cream is the name of the product that is achieved with the combination of personally selected natural and first quality raw materials (such as fresh fruit, fresh milk, fresh eggs , sugar , pure cocoa , honey , vanilla , cinnamon stick, fruits selected dry, fresh cheese, fresh cream, selected coffee , pure chocolate , candied fruit, …), which does not contain preservatives, dyes or other artificial elements harmful to theHealth Education , nor has it been inflated with air . For this reason we maintain that natural ice cream is not a simple refreshing treat; but a food natural, healthy and nutritious that contains lots of vitamins ; It is the best complement to a good meal and an excellent digestive that we have been preparing with recipes from decades ago, guaranteeing the satisfaction of being able to serve you with the guarantees they deserve.


It helps to reduce sweating, it is nutritious, it provides phosphorus , calcium and vitamins and also energy , due to the sugar it contains. It is the best complement to a good meal and taken after these, ice cream helps to digest . To demonstrate the above, we can tell you that it has a scientific basis that explains it. Ice cream is made with the natural components mentioned above, ( milk , sugar, eggs , chocolate or cocoa , honey , nuts ,fruits ) that perfectly combined make up the flavor and food . All of us recognize the importance of milk in the development of children and its important contribution to the diet of adults. This is due to the fact that it has a high biological value given by its assimilable proteins that contain essential amino acids that the human organism cannot synthesize and therefore it must ingest them in the diet. The contribution of carbohydrates , lipids , vitamins and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus complete this healthy food.

Milk contains fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins. It constitutes a source of energy that the body uses to maintain body temperature , to move the body , to maintain vital functions and also to synthesize muscle proteins or the enzymes that catalyze the multiple reactions that occur within cells.. Sugars provide carbohydrates, which are the ready-to-use energy, available now, that perform lipid-like functions. The egg has protein considered to be of biological value based on 100%. Like milk protein, they are recommended in a balanced diet. Chocolates and nuts such as walnuts further increase the amount of protein and chocolate also provides a brain stimulating principle. Needless to say, fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, virtues that we all know. Among the usual vitamins we can mention A, B1, B2, C, D, E. Among the minerals there is calcium, phosphorus, iron , potassium and others.



  • 1 poundof peeled fruit .
  • Juice from an orange.
  • Juice of half a lemon.
  • 1 pound and a half of ground sugar
  • 2 cups of cream or milk.



Disintegrates the pulp of the fruits until obtaining a thick purée. Put it in a glass container , add the orange juice and strained lemon, add the sugar and keep it in the refrigerator until the next day . Then beat the milk cream until it thickens and mix it with the previous preparation. Place the mixture in the chosen mold and put it in the freezer . You will have a delicious dessert or snack for family and friends.


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