Halusky. They are a kind of mini-gnocchi typical of Slovak cuisine made with potatoes . They are served with a cream of a white and creamy cheese typical of Central Europe called Bryndza and with shavings of smoked bacon . This dish is very traditional in the gastronomies of Eastern European countries such as Hungary , Poland , Slovakia and Ukraine and is so well known and popular that it is considered by many Slovaks as the national dish of Slovakia . The dish is served hot. To make them, a paste offlour , grated potato, salt and egg, which is passed through a sieve to achieve small portions that will be boiled in water. Then it is seasoned with some cheese (which melts with the heat of the pasta) and generous portions of strips of meat or bacon .


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750 g potatoes, 400 g Bryndza (the most typical cheese in Slovakia ), 100 g of smoked bacon , 1 egg, 300 g of flour , salt .


  • Boil a little bit of saltedwater .
  • Peel the potatoesand grate them with the finest part of the grater .
  • Add the flourand part of the water . A dough should be formed that does not stick to the edges, if it does not catch much water, add a little more salt to the dough.
  • Cut the baconinto small cubes and brown over low heat with a little butter .
  • Bring waterto a boil in a large saucepan and add salt when it starts to boil
  • Take a wooden board and wet it with cold water. Put the dough on the table and place ourselves on the pot. With a knife, cut strips that we will pour into the pot on the go.
  • When the plasters float, remove from heat and drain well.
  • Mix the quark with the sour cream and add the drained pasta. Take to the plate and top with the crispy bacon.
  • Cut the bacon into thin strips and fry with a little oil.


It can be accompanied with a glass of milk .


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