Four keys to the Marie Kondo methodFour keys to the Marie Kondo method

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard of the Marie Kondo method to put order even in the most chaotic closet. But what does it really consist of? In the DIA blog we are going to share with you the keys to this revolutionary system of management that, according to those who have put it into practice, say, puts order in your home… and in your life. Take note!

Organizing the house is beneficial for your health and makes you happier. This is said by numerous scientific experiments, which support the theories of those who say that having an orderly house fights stress and helps you lead an orderly life in every way. So why not follow the Marie Kondo method? She is the new guru of order.

Four keys to the Marie Kondo method

Throw things away

Normally, the more space we have, the more things we keep, even if we no longer use them. But for what? So before ordering remember that the first thing to do is an exercise to get rid of everything that you do not use or do not want. Or as Marie Kondo would say, what no longer makes you happy.

Sort by categories

If you group the objects, it will be easier for you to decide what you do not need, save what you really need and then find them.

Start with the easiest

We are aware that ordering is not an easy task. So to avoid throwing in the towel soon, start putting these tips into practice by the category that is easiest for you: books, papers, clothes, footwear…

Do it in one go

You will have immediate results and it will motivate you. It will take some time, but the feeling of peace in seeing your house organized and orderly will make the effort worth it. Of course, later we will have to maintain order.

The Marie Kondo method in the kitchen

One of the instances of the house that can accumulate the most disorder is the kitchen, both due to the large number of objects it needs and because it is one of the most frequently used areas. So we are going to show you how you can apply the keys of the Marie Kondo method in the kitchen.

  1. Start by removing all the objects from the kitchen and placing them in sight, this way you can see what to throw and what not. If it causes a lot of chaos, do it in parts: kitchen objects, cleaning products and food.
  2. Once you have passed the disposal phase, touch the order. Group things by categories and put them in order. One option would be this:
  • Cooking utensils in one cupboard (pots, pots, pans …), tupperware in another, cutlery and small utensils in drawers, etc. To make better use of space, stack pots, pans, bowls, etc. one inside the other and the lids vertically apart, if possible.
  • As for the crockery and glassware, the basic way to organize them is by dividing the cupboard into an area for drinking pieces and another for eating.
  • As for the kitchen towels, roll them up and put them all together in the same drawer. For cleaning products, it is best to put them all together in a safe place. Especially if you live with children.
  • In the case of food, repeat the action. Save them by categories. The spice jars all together; the vegetable jars, the vegetable packages … etc.

Completely free up the work surface. With a clear countertop, your kitchen will look neater, you will have more space to work and it will be easier to clean. To do this, take advantage of the walls by placing shelves that allow you to place small items of frequent use.

  1. Keep order. After the effort, it is useless if the next day you put things back in places that are not theirs or you start accumulating objects that you do not need. So, now begins the most difficult work, maintaining the order that you have achieved with the Marie Kondo method.

And after the kitchen, and taking advantage of the fact that it is time to change the wardrobe, put into practice what you have learned and manage to organize your wardrobe following the guidelines of Marie Kondo. You will see that where before there was a lack of space, now there is plenty.


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