Destiny 2. Four Ways to Get Exotic Engrams Quickly

Want to increase your chances of earning Exotic Engrams? Then you are here

Exotic Engrams are the best, most valuable engrams currently in Destiny 2 . Every player wants to get their hands on as many Exotic Engrams as possible because they give you an Exotic piece of gear when you open it. Exotic is a type of rarity that is higher than Legendary and will almost always be amazing. Exotic weapons are by far the best – Exotic guns look great and have completely unique animations. None of the equipment in your Guardian’s arsenal will look like an exotic cannon.

This is why any keeper wants to get his hands on Exotic Engrams. To be honest, there are no really “fast” ways to earn these gizmos in the game. Thanks to Bungie for making this species incredibly rare with the lowest drop rate possible. These four tips will show you the best ways to earn exotic engrams. At least this is better than just hoping and exterminating common enemies in the hope that exotic will fall from them.

Four notes on exotic farming

Exotic Engrams are the highest level in the Engram hierarchy, above Legendary ones – they appear as yellow items in your inventory. When you break an exotic item, you will receive ten Legendary Shards. However, I recommend storing whatever exotic you find. Shards can be used to make your exotic equipment more powerful to match the level.

It is very difficult to knock out exotic engrams, so I’m going to talk about all the possible ways to earn this rarity. These are not cheats or exploits, just tips and tricks from a Destiny 2 veteran .

Mentally prepared to swim in the exotic? Then catch tips and tricks that will get you on the right track. Exotics can be earned on Nightfalls, Patrols, and during the game, but some methods are much better than others when it comes to Exotics.

# 1: Completing Heroic Public Events

This is probably the most important note. Heroic Public Events are the best and safest way to earn Exotic Engrams. The chances of getting this loot item after completing the event are much higher than with any other method.

Visit all planets and regions to enter the public event. Every public event has a start timer. I recommend pumping up to level 20 before jumping into heroic events – at this point you will have one or two additional assistants who will help you get through almost every event without any problems.

# 2: Get Fire Team Medallions

After completing the storyline, you will return your last city and open a new social sector – the Tower. In the tower, a new supplier can be found in a more centralized location, away from the farm. This merchant sells (and gives) Bright Engrams, but she can also sell you medallions.

Medallions increase experience and give your fire team a loot drop bonus for the next four hours after purchasing this product. It will cost you fifteen units of bright dust.

Purchase medallions before starting public events to increase your chances of getting any kind of loot, even exotic. It’s even better when you stack these medallions (X2) so that your character and another team member can use them in a group and increase the bonus multiplier.

# 3: Join Clans for Bonus Loot

Join a clan or create your own for even more rewards. When your clan reaches level 3, your Guardians can unlock a skill called Government Service. This skill will increase the level of rewards that can be obtained for completing public events. This is an improved loot mod that will help you farm exotic. Gather friends, upgrade your clan and enjoy the rewards for completing heroic public events.

# 4: Fast Travel to Complete Public Events Faster

Public events happen simultaneously on every Destiny 2 server , and we can take advantage of this quirk in fast travel code. If you are completing a heroic event in a region with a quick transition point and have reached the heroic event especially early, then you can get hooked on another ongoing event in the same place on a different server.

Here’s what you need to do – after grabbing loot in a public event, jump and fast travel to the same region you are in. You will replace the servers and return to the region. Jump onto the Sparrow and rush to the previous event location and see if it continues – if so, you can go through it, pick up the loot and use fast travel again.

This trick does not always work, but it is a convenient way of doubling your gear in Heroic Events. Otherwise, use your director to oversee all social events across the galaxy. They always appear in several regions, on different planets.

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