Four Aims of Teaching English at School Level

According to Thompson and Write there are four specific aims of teaching English at the school level:

To recognize spoken English

To speak English

To recognize written English

To write English

1 To recognize spoken English:

Its mean at school level, the students should have the capability to comprehend spoken English. They must understand the spoken lectures of teachers; sports commentary, news conversation, and fairly participate on school extra circular activities like dramas, poetry, and speech competition.

To achieve this aim, students should be given opportunities to listen English, Radio, Gramophone and tape recorder can also be used for (his purpose. The aim should be to enable the students to understand English spoken by the native speakers.

”2. To speak English:

At second stage speaking English is easier than reading and writing. At the same time speaking is more difficult than reading as it requires the ability to produce sounds and to speak with proper stress and intonation. Speech is of unique importance in learning a language. It is the base for all language learning. This aim of teaching English AT School level is being neglected in our schools, because it is not important from the examination point of view.

At the end of five or six years of learning English, we expect the student to talk fluently in English. Their speech’ should be justly understandable to the native speakers. For this purpose tap, Recorder can be used. The ability is to speak English is required in big cities, where people speaking different languages communicate with one another, in English. This ability is also required while talking to a person belonging to another state. This aim is also important because ability to speak English is also required while communicating with foreigners.

  1. To understand written English:

The third stage is to understand written English. It is also very essential for students. It enables them to have an access to latest information in their subject of studies. It is expected of a school-guru in second language English countries to be able to read, if he joins a college, be able to adopt English as the medium of instruction and examination in his studies.

Teacher Love to know about Aims of  Teaching English At School Level

Aims of teaching should be to enable the students to read with understanding printed material in English. At present students reading comprehension in English is very poor. They are not able to comprehend material published in English. The main emphasis of work in English should be on reading comprehension. Early reading may be loud reading. This will prepare ground for silent reading in English in higher classes and adult life. Recognition vocabulary of students should be increased to enable them to read English with comprehension.

  1. To write English:

Writing English comes last, but it is equally important. Writing is not less important than listening, speaking and reading. One of the aims of teaching English at school level should be to enable the school-levers to write in English simple letters, exam applications, theme story, and question answers of lesson. The ability to write in English is fairly needed in offices, banks, organizations, private companies, because English has taken place language of administration at the Central level. It is also the language of communication between the Center and the States and between one State and the other. The ability is also needed in college and university where one has to take notes from lectures delivered in English as well as from the books and journals published in English. Students should be able to write English correctly and legibly.

All the four aims of teaching English at school level are equally important and essential for learners. Emphasis and importance should not be given on one or two at the cost of others. All four aims must be treated equally and fairly.

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