Level in fortnite: why pump, maximum level

Leveling in fortnite, like in other games, is very important. It is required both to receive rewards and to be able to play the arena. However, there are several types of levels in Fortnite. In this article, we will look at how to reset the level in the Royal battle and in the battle with the storm.

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Battle Royale level

There are two tiers in the battle royale: the battle pass tier and the account tier. And if the first is reset every period, the second is eternal.

Battle Pass Tier

What is a level in fortnite? Every season, the developers publish a new battle pass, which has free rewards and rewards for those who have bought a BP. The level is exactly what you need in order to earn rewards. The higher the level, the more rewards. And of course, the level of the battle pass is often something that players brag about.

What is the max level in fortnite? If you didn’t buy the Battle Pass, your level will stop at 100 (this is the maximum level without buying bp). But if you have purchased a battle pass, then you can upgrade it to 200, 500 and even 1000. There is no maximum bp level in fortnite.

Why did my fortnite level reset? The battle pass level resets every fortnite season. For example: by the end of Season 1, Chapter 3, you were level 108. However, as soon as Chapter 3 Season 2 begins, the level will be reset and you will have a 0 level battle pass. It turns out that the level of the battle pass is reset automatically every season, i.e. you don’t have to do anything personally. You cannot reset it manually.

How to check fortnite level? You can track your Battle Pass level in the lobby on the left side of the screen. And you can see the rewards for the level in the “Battle Pass” section.

Account Level

Why is an account level needed? An account level is required in order to play competitive modes. And it, unlike the BP level, is not reset. It saves account progress, namely by counting all the levels of the battle pass that you have earned. For example, I currently have a 1000 account level. This means that I got 1000 battle pass levels in different fortnite seasons. There is no maximum account level.

How can I find out the account level? You can view the account level in the “Career” tab.

Level in the Battle with the storm

All Fortnite oldies face the need to reset progress in the Battle with the Storm. After all, what to do in the game if you have reached the maximum level, defended all the bases and received all the rewards?

How to reset the Storm control level

Unfortunately, it is impossible to reset the progress in the Battle with the storm. Even if you have received all the rewards, defended all the bases, collected all the necessary heroes and weapons, there is no option to reset the progress in pve.

The only thing you can do is register a new account and buy the mode there. However, this option is only suitable for those who want to enjoy the game. And as we know, Storm Control doesn’t have that many fans. Most people play for V-Bucks, and if you open a new account and buy Storm Fight there, there will either be no V-Bucks at all or they will be limited in receipt.

Thus, it is impossible to reset the fortnite level manually. The BP level resets on its own, while the PvE level and account level are untouchable.


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