How to buy V-bucks in Russia after blocking?

After the recent ban on in-app purchases in Russia , many Fortnite players are terrified. After all, it’s true, how to buy a battle pass for season 2, chapter 3 , if there are no V-bucks for it and, alas, it’s no longer possible to replenish your account? Several workarounds come to the rescue, which are possible in Russia only on consoles.

There is no ban for using methods for consoles, verified by several users.

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How to buy V-bucks on PC

There is no way to bypass donation blocking for PC yet. VPN does not work, and the use of a foreign card in this case does not bypass the blocking.

The only thing you can do if you want to buy Fortnite V-bucks is to transfer your account to a friend from another country or a friend with a Nintendo or PS console. Naturally for a donation. Only if such a transfer takes place, there is no need to talk about it. All public transfers of accounts usually end in a ban.


V-Bucks purchased on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation are only available on the platform they were purchased on, so after a friend has helped you and donated to the game, let him buy what you need. Otherwise, V-bucks bought on the console, on the PC, you will not be surprised and will not be able to spend.

Also, there are chances that it will be possible to get V-bucks on PC through codes for V-bucks, but now it is simply impossible to find them at a sane price, this is a robbery. So either wait for prices to drop or ask a friend to help.

How to buy V-bucks on PS

Many players say that they can buy V-Bucks on their Playstation console through the PS Store. Therefore, first of all, check your PS Store and try to buy V-bucks through it. The cost of buying V-bucks will remain in rubles, which means you will not lose anything. If for some reason you cannot pay for the purchase of V-bucks with a card, then replenishment codes come to the rescue.

Such codes are sold on many sites and are literally called “Playstation Store wallet replenishment”. You can buy a code for the amount you plan to spend in fortnite, and then activate it on your console.

After replenishing the paper, go to the PS Store, look for V-bucks in it and buy them. Funds will be debited from the wallet.

How to Buy V-Bucks on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console, and it turns out that it allows you to buy V-bucks even after the Epic Games sanctions.

To bypass the blocking, follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to your Nintendo Account:
  2. In the user section, find the “User Information” block and click on it.
  3. Three sections will appear in front of you, select the one called “Profile”
  4. Next, just change the region in the “Country / Region” box.
    It is better to choose the country whose currency has not gone too far from the ruble. This is done so that the donation to the game does not cost so much, because by changing the region, the donation currency will also change.
  5. Enter fortnite and try to donate: you can use any Russian card. Just keep in mind that the bank will automatically convert the funds, and you will be charged a little more money, because you donate in a different currency.

For example, if you select Poland in the “Country” column and buy 2800 V-bucks, ~2100 rubles will be charged from your card. If you donated directly in rubles, then such a set would cost 1279, but since we need to dance with a tambourine, the price has increased significantly. You can find a more profitable country for a change so that the donation costs a little less, but the ruble is not in good condition now, and there will always be a difference.


From March 10, it will no longer be possible to pay for purchases from foreign stores with Visa and Mastercard cards. The World map is required


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