Forgot PDF Password? Here is the solution!

You are definitely not the only one who has forgotten the password of a PDF file. Many people in the world lose the password of their documents, because now for everything you have to set a password. Although PDF files have a high level of security, there are still various ways to “break” the encryption. We did a research and below you will find all the best ways to recover or remove a forgotten PDF password.

  • Option 1. Recover forgotten PDF password with PDF Password Recovery
  • Option 2. Remove PDF password with PDF Password Remover
  • Option 3. Online service to decrypt PDF
  • Option 4. Recover PDF password from Chrome
  • Option 5. Unlock PDF with forgotten password on Android with iLovePDF app
  • How to remove password from PDF (when remembering password)

Option 1. Using PDF Password Recovery

The first option is to use a professional program that can decrypt PDF security without the password . The security standard of PDF files is superior to any other text document program. So, if you are faced with a PDF file with forgotten password , using a professional program is highly recommended. In light of your situation, we recommend that you try PDF Password Recovery . It is an advanced decryption tool for PDF documents. It is equipped with advanced features and works very fast.

This is how PDF Password Recovery works to find and recover the forgotten password of your PDF document.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your Windows PC from the link below

After installing and starting the program you will see the following main interface:

Select the Recover Passwords for Files and Archives option and this new window will open:

To recover the forgotten password of a PDF file, you will need to click on PDF Password Recovery at the bottom and the relevant form will open.

Step 2.  Import the PDF file into the program by clicking on the folder icon at the top right (as highlighted in the following figure)

Step 3.  Choose PDF file password recovery mode. You can choose between 4 “attack” modes to crack and recover the forgotten password. They are Brute-force Attack , Mask Attack ,  Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack .

If you do not remember the entered password at all then you will have to rely on  Brute-force Attack  or Mask Attack mode, so that the program will search for all possible combinations in the specified range.

You will be able to define the type of letters to search for (lowercase / uppercase), the length of the password, etc … all things that can help you do a faster search and not have to really try every type of combination

Step 4. Click the START button at the bottom to start searching for the password. You must be very patient because if the password is more than 5 characters it may take several hours for the program to recover it!

Option 2. Using PDF Password Remover

Another way to get rid of the forgotten PDF password problem, especially if it is a password that appears not when opening the document, but when trying to edit, copy or print the document, is to permanently remove it . Like? Well you could try using a program called PDF Password Remover , developed by Wondershare and which for many users was the ideal solution.

This program allows you to unprotect PDF by removing restrictions on printing, editing and copying. However, if you have a PDF that asks for a password upon opening, you will need to use the first solution described above.

This is how PDF Password Remover works.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your PC or Mac

After installation start the program and import the PDF file from which you want to remove the restrictions:

Step 2 . Remove password

After uploading the PDF document to be unlocked, press the START button at the bottom . In a few seconds the software will remove the password and show a notification as pictured below:

Option 3. Decrypt PDF online

While we recommend the option described in point 1 and 2, you could also try this mode which uses an online PDF password decryptor . As it is a free option, users mainly choose this option. But the success rate is quite low. There are some online password recovery websites, such as “ FreeFileConvert “. The link of the service is this .

Just log into the website, upload the locked PDF file and click on the DECRYPT PDF button below

Option 4. Remove PDF password from Chrome

Apart from password remover software and websites, you can also try using the Google Chrome browser to try to fix the problem. If you’ve forgotten your PDF document password, Google Chrome might be a way to remove it (although that doesn’t always work)

Step 1 : Drag and drop the locked PDF file to Google Chrome.

Step 2 : You will be prompted for the password, type one randomly

Step 3 : Click on “Save As”.

Then a pop-up will appear. Check the ” Save as PDF ” box and then click “Save” again.

Option 5. Using iLovePDF app on Android

If you have forgotten the password of the PDF file on your Android device and want to unlock it, then the iLovePDF app is just what you need. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 . Download and install the iLovePDF app from the Google app store. Start and sign up with a Google account.
Step 2 . Click the “ Unblock ” icon on the home page of this app.
Step 3 . Click on the “ Upload ” option from your Android phone, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Step 4 . Click the “ Unlock PDF ” button to remove the password and restrictions from the PDF file.

How to remove password from PDF (when remembering password)

PDF is one of the most popular formats in the world and is preferred by most of the people due to its advanced options and additional security. When it comes to decrypting a PDF document, without the right password, things can get complicated. But decrypting a PDF document is very easy if you know the password. Here’s how to remove the decryption when you have the password for the locked PDF file.

Method 1. Print “virtual” PDF

Open the PDF in your browser (eg Google Chrome), enter the password to view it. Then click on the options at the top right and then select PRINT. Once this is done you can proceed to PRINT IN PDF using the virtual printer on your PC (if you don’t have it you can install one from the internet).

Method 2. Using Adobe Acrobat (paid)

Step 1: Run Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

Step 2: Open the encrypted PDF file and type the password when prompted.

Step 3: Now, if you want to remove the encryption, go to ” Security ” in ” Advanced ” and click ” Remove Security


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