Forgot your iPad password and can no longer access your tablet’s content? Sorry to teach you that you have to reconfigure it and use your PC or Mac to retrieve the content. We explain how to do this with a computer or if you don’t have one.

Having a password on your iPad is a rudimentary way to protect the content of your tablet.However, with biometric identification such as Touch ID or Face ID, you don’t necessarily use your password every time you open your iPad.

However, if you turn off your iPad altogether or install an iPad OS update, these two processes no longer work. At least the first time.You must enter your password to then be able to use Touch ID or Face ID again to unlock your iPad.

Only, what to do if you forgot your password and how to regain access to your iPad?Unfortunately, there are no ways to bypass the password. It’s logic! What good is a password if it can be easily bypassed if you forget it? It would not be safe.

If you face this situation, you have to completely reconfigure your iPad via Apple’s recovery mode.

Important to know: If you had not made a backup beforehand on iTunes, your computer or your iCloud account, unfortunately you will lose all your content.

Steps to access your iPad with recovery mode

To recover all our data, applications and information, and reconfigure your iPad, we need to go through Apple’s recovery mode. This requires having access to a computer whether it is a PC or Mac.

If you don’t have a computer, you simply have to go to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for help.

In addition to a computer, we need to have iTunes (on PC) on it as well as our charging cable to connect our phone to our computer. On Mac, this is done via Finder.

Once you have everything in hand, here is what to do to launch the recovery mode of your iPad.

First, you have to completely turn off your iPad.

On an iPad with FaceID: press the power button and the one to lower the volume at the same time. Then drag the slider to turn off the device.

On iPads with a Home button at the bottom, let your finger press the power button. Then drag the slider to turn off the device.

Here are the buttons to press to turn off your iPad with Face ID or without Face ID.

Then we have to connect our iPad to our computer.

Only, at the same time that we plug it into our computer, we have to press a specific button.

For iPads equipped with FaceID, you must keep the power button pressed.

On iPads with a main button at the bottom, it must be pressed simultaneously in addition to the power button.

Here is the button to press to start recovery mode on iPad with or without Face ID.

You should see the recovery mode screen appear on your iPad.

At this point, release the button.

When you see your iPad showing this, you’re ready to start restoring your iPad on your computer.

On your computer, on iTunes (PC) or Finder (Mac), select your iPad and choose the option: Restore.

After a few minutes your device will be restored, you will have to reconfigure your device, you will be able to import your last backup and of course you will have to choose a new password.

Write it down and remember it so you don’t have to repeat the process! In particular, password managers like 1Password or Dashlane can help you!

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