Forgiving is a safe healing path for our lives

In life you must learn to forgive so that wounds are healed

All of us, at some point in our lives, make mistakes. They are often difficult mistakes to forgive , but there is no one who does not deserve forgiveness and a new opportunity.

At this moment, I invite you to open your heart to forgive  everyone, even your enemies and also those who do not forgive you, or even those who have done some harm to your family.

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Forgiving that one is forgiven

It is necessary to forgive in order to also have the grace to receive forgiveness , that is, to forgive is to be freed from the bad things, the bonds and to have the power to change the course of our history. Peace is achieved without bitterness and resentment.

May we be able to deliver to the Lord all that is hurt; resentment; hatred and revolt; bad feelings that are in our hearts. Let us also give to Jesus everything that is cause for pain and suffering, caused by betrayals, rejections and humiliations; let us give him everything that happened to us, or that has happened to our family, and because of these things, the feelings: of resentment, revenge and the absence of forgiveness, began to inhabit our hearts. May the Lord wash our hearts, freeing them from all these situations, because, His word says that we must forgive seventy times seven, that is, infinitely.

Believe me, my brothers, our life will only move forward when we are able to free ourselves from what is bad for us, above all, the lack of forgiveness .

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Release forgiveness, because the lack of this gesture brings many problems to ourselves. When we do not forgive, the hurt remains within us, and our hearts begin to eat away at our feelings, causing us to become cold and resentful people.

Often, hurt causes health problems, and we have not found a cure for the disease of our body and soul. Many physical illnesses such as ulcers, gastritis, back problems, depression, hidden and spiritual illnesses, feelings of incapacity, inferiority, inexistence, death and panic; most of the time they are born because of unforgiveness.

Let us ask the Lord to break all the roots of that hurt that causes suffering, pain and humiliation, whether in married or family life, in professional life with co-workers; in the Church, in the community and in the missionary work we participate in. Let us also ask for those people who have offended us with words, acts and actions of physical or moral offenses.

May the Lord break all resistance in giving forgiveness, this has been a breach where the enemy has been attacking. It is important to pray and ask for the grace to forgive, because it was Jesus who taught us that we must forgive: “Father forgive them because they do not know what they are doing”.

To err is human, but to forgive is divine! Thus, we must always forgive and remember that when we pray the “Our Father” we ask Jesus to forgive our offenses, just as we forgive the people who have offended us.

How can we minister “Our Father’s prayer” if we keep hurt and pain in our hearts? And yet, how can we have a clear conscience to ask forgiveness of our offenses to God, if we are not able to forgive those who have offended us?

Let us pray for those who need forgiveness

We need to pray for those who need to forgive someone, ask the Lord to ignite the fire of His divine love in each child and that, through forgiveness, we have a deeper union with God. Let us open our eyes to a new vision; help us Lord, to see the areas that are in darkness, due to the lack of forgiveness.

For this forgiveness we are asking the Lord, that He may provide a cure for all evil; diseases and illnesses; feeling of pain; humiliation; feeling of inferiority and fear. God will not allow any child to remain in darkness. Let us ask that divine light come with His grace to dispel the darkness of our lives.

May the Lord reveal all areas of forgiveness, bitterness, resentment, hatred and anger, breaking all the roots of unforgiveness. Whether they come from our ancestors or today, because we want to give forgiveness to be free, and so that no one in our family will suffer.

Pray this prayer

Lord Jesus, at that moment I want to forgive with all my heart, all the people in my family line who allowed evil to settle in my family tree. He forgave all those who did not repent and wanted to persist in their sin. With all my heart I forgave all my ancestors who made any pact, commitment or consecration with the enemy, compromising their life, their family and genealogical lineage .

Yes, Lord, I forgive all my ancestors, who allowed evil to settle in my history, in my family, so I forgive everyone who, in some way, has harmed or cast a curse on my family line .

I forgive and bless. I say, in the Name of Jesus, that I renounce all resentment, hurt, resentment and hatred, that are installed in my family tree. If, in some way, I wished badly for someone and, because of that, for not forgiving, I hurt him, I ask the Lord to bless that person ten times more, providing and restoring on his life and family, everything that I caused damage for harboring hurt and resentment.

Don’t suffer and forgive from the heart

Do your enemies, the people who caused this resentment, this hurt, this unforgiveness in your heart deserve your suffering? Do they deserve your suffering? Certainly, I answer for you, and God would say the same thing: they do not deserve your suffering.

So why do you suffer because of them? The Word of God is clear, when we do not forgive we carry the burden, the poison and the gap open so that the enemy of God can enter and do terrible damage to our lives, our relationships, family and friends. Let us make a decision now and forgive everyone for all the harm they have done to us and our families.

To forgive is not to forget the facts, but to keep hate and the desire for revenge. Forgiving does not mean that you will have to live with those who hurt you, but it is to let them be free to also regret everything they have done. However, let us not allow ourselves and our homes to pay for unforgiveness.


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