What is a prayer of healing and deliverance?

The prayer of healing and deliverance should always be given

The prayer of healing and deliverance is a very precious and very important prayer for our daily lives. It has the power by faith, to help us in our physical healing. In addition, it strengthens us in our mental health, bringing peace to the spirit. The prayer of liberation is important to support inner healing and it is also important for the sign of the healing of the miracle of God to be visible in each of us.

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It is a fight against ourselves in the face of our weaknesses, our miseries, limitations. In the face, even, of the negative inheritances that we bring in us, whether in the mind, in the heart, in the conscious, in the unconscious or for the evil that our ancestors practiced.

It is also a prayer against the enemy’s hoaxes, which does everything to divert man from prayer and union with God. Therefore, the prayer of liberation must always be given. It cannot be taught only when we participate in meetings or when we go to a retreat, study or camp . The prayer of healing and deliverance must be given every day of our lives.

Where is it needed?

There are many situations where prayer for healing and deliverance is needed. As at first, we hardly know the reasons that caused the problems we are experiencing, in whatever order, so we must always have, within our reach, a powerful prayer of healing and spiritual liberation to help us. They can be: prayer of breaking the curse of the ancestors, prayer of renunciation, prayer of invocation of the Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Chagas are very powerful. Pope Francis teaches us the invocation of the five wounds: the wounds of the left hand, the left foot, the right hand, the right foot and the pierced heart. Always with the following gibberish: “By the very powerful wound of the left hand, I know that you can purify, free and heal me and my family, freeing us from all physical and spiritual evil”. And, an Our Father prays, so does each of the Wounds.

Pope Francis recommends this prayer to us every night before bed

Then do the same chanter for the prayer of the other Wounds. Then, at night, we will have the grace to sleep well. The grace of not suffering from insomnia, oppression, physical fatigue, mental fatigue. But, there is the prayer that we teach in the book “ For your wounds you were healed ”, the prayer that is called “Via Sangres”, which is the invocation of the seven Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this book you will see that, each of these Wounds: Wounds of circumcision; Wounds of agony; Scourge of flagellation; the heart of thorns; the painful path of Calvary; the death crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and the pierced heart. The blood sprinkled from each of these Wounds, as a source of healing and liberation exorcism, frees us from all physical and spiritual ills, from ancestors, pregnancy , maternal womb and our life history after our birth.


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