How can the Christian keep the devil out of his life?

Daily sacramental life is the way for the Christian to overcome the enemy

I believe that there are pilasters that are important in the life of a Christian , so that he has the structure to survive in the face of all the enemy’s attacks and has the confidence that God will act; and miracle, healing, grace and deliverance will happen.

Time is God’s time and perseverance is enough. So, the first step is intimacy with the life of prayer , accompanied by fasting, the rosary, mortification, worship and spiritual struggles.

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Intimacy with God, too, depends on the prayer time we have with Him. For, if we want to have a relationship with someone, we must live with that someone. Prayer time is very important.

The second step is the Word of God , as it is one of the main prayers and we must pray with the Word of God to ward off the enemy.

The Word of God reveals the truth and the enemy is based on lies. Because he built his empire of darkness on lies. Paul says that he is the father of lies, the seducer and the deceiver.

God’s Word Is Light

In it we will know where to walk, because the Word of God is light, path and natural liberation. We can find the strength of God in the lives of the prophets, the patriarchs, the people who wandered in the Old Testament , the apostles and the first Christians.

The Scriptures have the answer for everything we need, because even join all the world’s libraries, they can not bring the answer, knowledge and content that the Word of God gives us.

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Prayer life

We need to have a life in the Spirit and in the experience of charisms. Because without baptism in the Holy Spirit, we cannot do anything good. It is necessary that, daily, we invoke the Holy Spirit, so that He defeats the fury of Satan that has settled around us, our work, our home and our family.

Where a light goes on, everything is clear. It is this light of the Spirit that will neutralize all evil action. The Holy Spirit will convict us of sin, that is, it will show us the reality and the way we must go.


We cannot live a day without total and absolute slavery to the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I developed this prayer of consecration to the Holy Spirit.

“Holy Spirit, soul of my soul, I adore You. Holy Spirit, life of my life, I love You. I now want to make a love covenant with You and it is indissoluble. I want to be faithful in joy and sadness; in health and disease; loving You and respecting You all the days of my life and as long as I live. I will do everything I can to make you known, loved and adored by all men and women on the face of the earth. I love you Holy Spirit. I adore You Holy Spirit and I am Your slave and I want to be possessed by You, to be free from all possession of evil. ”

If you can, say this prayer and consecration to the Holy Spirit every day of your life. Prayer, the sacrament , the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

The grace of sacramental life

The sacraments are like a thermometer, as they measure our temperature in God. With them we can win all the attacks of the devil. That is why sacraments are important, that is, frequent confession and the daily Eucharist, without missing on Sundays.

So, realize that in order to overcome the enemy it is necessary to pray and live up to the sacraments. Fight, dive and make your spiritual diary.


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