How can we unmask the devil’s cunning in our lives?

The devil uses trickery to approach the children of Jesus

The Word of God, through our first Pope Saint Peter, in the first letter 5,8 tells us the following: “Be sober and watch. Your adversary, the devil , walks around you like the roaring lion, looking for whom to devour ”.

The devil is more dangerous in his cunning than in his fury. We need to be very attentive to him, because he is more dangerous in his snares than in his strength. It is even more dangerous when working quietly than when facing us face to face.

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Daily struggle

The time we live in is very difficult! It is a time of struggles that are beyond human reach. There are no weapons in the world created by men or women that can destroy the demon’s fury, only spiritual weapons , that is, the gifts of the Holy Spirit .

We are living in a very long battle time, and the enemy of God tries to destroy us in every way, but when we have the Holy Spirit in us, the enemy is prevented from taking control of our personality.

Saint Paul teaches us: “You do not know, you are the temple where the Holy Spirit of God dwells”. We are the abode and living temple of the indwelling Spirit. It is he who gives us the strength to overcome all the seduction and all the tricks of the enemy, yet he tries to destroy our relationships, our family and mess up our lives, because his aim is to destroy man since Adam and Eve. The enemy he knows that it is only in this way that he can hurt the heart of God, because the Word confirms this: “I have come so that none of mine is lost”.

Conquering the demon

God does not want to lose anyone, so we have to fight  the devil’s wiles , resist them and know his strategies. For many people, the devil does not exist, and maintaining that image is his main weapon to hide his true identity and to continue acting without suffering any kind of opposition.

The enemy is a cunning, intelligent and wicked being. In many films that we see, in all kinds of media, the image with which he is presented to us depicts a creature with horns, tails, a fierce look, big teeth and a horrible appearance, that no one will ever want to live with. The devil, however, is deceitful, and will never show himself that way or reveal his true face.

If it appeared like that to each of us, it would be very easy to identify him, but he will always appear attractive and very seductive to destroy us. He does not use drastic means, but subtleties, since his main weapon is cunning.

As we know, he is deceitful, cunning and false. We have to unmask him and inhibit his action, because if we belong to Jesus and we are truly delivered by His Blood, His Passion, Death and Resurrection on the cross, we can overcome the enemy, because he is already defeated, Jesus has already defeated him in cross, and the victory of Christ is our victory.

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The victory of Jesus Christ

We have to affirm the victory of Jesus, because the devil does not like whoever takes the victory of Christ, so he tries, in every way, to destroy our life through discouragement, fear and comfort, insecurity, laziness and so many weapons that are peculiar to the enemy’s daily action against the children of God.

The devil does not like those who have strength, those who fight, who overcome obstacles and overcome barriers, therefore, to overcome and unmask him, we need to pray and be attentive .


We need to watch, because we are weak and incapable, and this fight is dishonest, because we do not see the enemy, we do not know where he will attack and at what time he will invade our life, our being and our history.

Therefore, we need to be very attentive and leave no loopholes. The strength that has been given to us, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, puts on the armor of God to prepare us for this battle.

At the end of our reflection, I invite you to proclaim Ephesians 6: 10-20. I pray with that Word every day and at various times, because I know that if we are not clothed in the armor of God, we will fall and we will not endure all that we need to go through to fight and show the presence of the living God.


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