How to say an effective healing and deliverance prayer

The step by step to a good prayer of healing and deliverance

I start from the Word of God in James 5.16: “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another to be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective ”.

Effective prayer has more to do with the one who is praying than with the prayer  being done. In fact, what the Scripture says is exactly that, in other words, much can, due to its effectiveness, the supplication of the just.

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Does God hear our prayers?

If we are righteous and at peace, surely God will hear all of our prayer and it will be healing and deliverance for us . There are some ways that are important for us to give this prayer or to seek healing and deliverance from all physical harm.

We need to have an intimacy with God and be up to date with the sacraments as frequent confession , Holy Mass , adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and all sacramental life, be a child of God and be willing to serve the Lord and build the Father’s Kingdom.

It is important to have intimacy with the Word of God, as it is necessary to pray with the Word and also read it daily. Even if it’s just a verse, but we make it the foundation of our lives.

Then, we can do the mortification prayer like fasting and charity , because that gives us a great strength in the whole fight of prayer for healing and for deliverance.

Another important point that we need to reflect on in order to seek healing and deliverance is slavery to the Holy Spirit . Daily prayer to the Spirit of God is communication, intimacy and the search for total and absolute dependence on the Holy Spirit, which is in itself a most powerful source of healing and deliverance.

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Tips for praying the prayer of deliverance

First, we must always remember, in the prayer of liberation, to say the name (I), baptized and for the merits of my baptism in communion with the Church in the person of the Holy Father the Pope.

Second, we must invoke the name, the wounds and the Blood of Jesus. This is a necessary point in every healing prayer and search for deliverance, as we will not be able to find it outside the name of Jesus. Let us also invoke the powerful intercession of the Virgin Mary, mainly because of her tears of blood, as shown in her appearance in Salete.

Third: after the invocation, we need the power of combat, the archangels and angels, mainly to invoke the combat power of Saint Michael the Archangel .

The Word of God says that there are demons that can only be destroyed by the fighting power of Saint Michael the Archangel.

So, we can minister that prayer. Many people think that if they say, in just a moment, the prayer of healing and deliverance, it will be healed and released.

We will always be liberated and healed, but we must not forget that we are in the world and are liable to error, weakness, addiction and weaknesses of the flesh.

Therefore, the prayer of healing and deliverance must be permanent, daily and constant, without ever wavering at any time, demonstrating our total and absolute dependence on the Lord’s mercy.


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