Foods that make you feel full

When we talk about nutritional re-education, one of the biggest difficulties is controlling hunger and measuring the size of meals. Therefore, a strategy that helps a lot is to focus on foods that make you feel satiated. In other words, options that hold off hunger for longer until the next time to eat.

Before finding out which foods can help control your hunger, it is important to review some habits in your diet . For example, if you have a diet rich in processed products, refined sugar and fats, start reducing their presence in your routine.

Very palatable foods taste good right away, but they are not very nutritious and, as a result, increase hunger in a short time. So, to stay satiated, you will need more of this type of food.

Therefore, choose specific moments to enjoy fast food, soft drinks, sweets, fried foods, among others. Just by stopping this habit, your body will feel a difference. Drinking more water, eating more fruits, good fats, vegetables and grains will help regulate gut health and metabolism.

Foods that make you feel full: what to consume to be healthier and less hungry

However, even with small changes, many people cannot feel satisfied and are always hungry. If this is your case, it is a good idea to seek professional support to adjust portion sizes. But some foods are allies on this journey and provide more satiety.

Next, see which foods you need to add to your menu:

Fruits rich in fiber and with skin

Apples , pears , grapes and plums are examples of good sources of fiber, a nutrient that helps prolong satiety. You can consume them between main meals, as a morning and afternoon snack, accompanied by sugar-free yogurt and oatmeal . The combination offers a good amount of fiber and proteins that, together, nourish and ward off hunger.

Whole Foods

Although many people love French bread or white rice , these products have less fiber. Therefore, swap them for brown bread or rice , which are less processed and have more nutrients than the white version.

Sources of good fats 

Foods rich in LDL, the “good cholesterol”, regulate appetite and have other nutrients that help with this objective. Avocado , fish and oilseeds, such as chestnuts, walnuts and almonds, are great options to include in your diet. But be careful: they must be included in a diet plan, as excess can exceed the amount of calories.


You’ve probably been to a restaurant that served a portion of salad before the main course. This tactic is a way to prepare your stomach to eat “wisely”. In other words, the salad with leaves and vegetables makes you feel satiated and prevents you from overindulging in the main meal. In fact, doing this at home is excellent for reducing lunch and dinner portions.

Try preparing a salad with your favorite leaves and vegetables. The basics work: lettuce , tomato , carrot , onion… The important thing is to plan to have more variety at the entrance.

Foods that make you feel full are also rich in protein

Every meal needs to have a protein source, which is responsible for providing more energy and maintaining and building muscles. However, proteins are also essential for regulating hunger. Meats, low-fat cheeses, yogurts, legumes (soy, lentils , beans …), broccoli , eggs , quinoa and oilseeds need to be part of your menu.

Water and teas 

Yes, you need to increase your water and liquid intake in the nutritional re-education process. When we are dehydrated, the tendency to attack foods outside of our diet is greater. Furthermore, fibers need water to avoid causing constipation. If it’s still difficult to drink the ideal amount of water, drink unsweetened teas or try flavored waters.


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