8 ways to improve your mood when you feel depressed

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We all face challenges and difficult days, even when our potential for manifestation is high and we are on the way to cultivating our dreams. It is healthy to feel and process your reaction to disappointment. However, it is also healthy to find productive ways to move towards a more positive place.

Try one or more of the following eight ways to improve your mood when you feel depressed.

8 ways to improve your mood today

1. Spend on experiences, not articles

When we are depressed, we sometimes feel the need to spend cash on material objects.

However, the happiness associated with this is temporary. Studies show that spending your money on experiences, however, has a lasting positive impact. And you don’t need to plan a trip to the other side of the world. Enrolling in a class, going out for the day, or watching a movie count as experiences that might help you when you’re feeling down.

2. Be silly

Much of life seems so serious, and being silly can provide a powerful release that makes us dizzy and changes our perspective.

Whether you read or watch something that makes you laugh, dance in the room, sing in the shower, or make faces, you are connecting with the simplest and most childish part of yourself.

While you may not feel like doing these things at first, once you’ve done one of them, you’re likely to feel relieved and better able to find levity in your life situation.



3. Enjoy the happy memories

Looking at a favorite photo album or scrapbook is proven to make you happier.

In fact, scientists have found that it is more effective at improving mood than chocolate, alcohol, listening to music, or watching a good TV show.

As a bonus, you can keep this benefit by making sure you can always see a treasured photo. Hang it at eye level next to your work desk or place it on the nightstand to be the first thing you see in the morning.

4. Enjoy the physical touch

There are many posts that explore the positive impacts of kissing (largely due to its potential to promote dopamine release). However, the good news is that touch, in general, can help you. Plus, you don’t even need to have a partner to benefit from the power of physical closeness!

A hug from a friend, holding the hand of a loved one, or hugging a beloved pet all stimulate the production of hormones that make you feel calm and content.

5. Do something nice

Research on volunteer workers has established that doing good works actually makes us happier. It improves the capacity for empathy and helps us cultivate gratitude. And since gratitude is a cornerstone of Law of Attraction work, things that increase your ability to feel grateful are worth doing!

Consider working for a helpline, volunteering to work at a charity shop, donating to a good cause, or arranging to be sponsored for a sporting achievement. Find a list of things you can do for a loved one here.

6. Exercise

Exercise is a proven mood booster (in part due to the infamous endorphins it releases). Turns out how exercise does matter. In particular, try to find something that you really enjoy and consider whether you can do it outdoors.

People who exercise in nature tend to report greater increases in mood.

In addition to helping you feel happier, exercise can help clear your mind and stop unproductive thought patterns in your tracks.

Also, the more you exercise, the healthier your body becomes, and there is a strong link between the well-being of the body and that of the mind.

7. Try light therapy

While the effects of light therapy are not instantaneous, its implantation could lead to a consistently better mood in just a few weeks.

More than half of all people who increase their exposure to daylight or use artificial sunlight indoors report feeling happier, especially during the cold, dark winter months. Even if it’s not too sunny outside, you still benefit from time outside.

And daily walks also encourage productive reflection and provide a time for peaceful solitude.

8. Get lost in the state of “flow”

Finally, psychologists have identified the value of something called a “flow” state. The specific kind of attention and joy you experience when you are completely immersed in the pleasure of the present.

Listening to your favorite music is a great way to get into this mindset, but it’s also possible to access it through an absorbing book, the process of creating something, or sitting down to contemplate a beautiful scene in nature.

In fact, there are unlimited ways to find this kind of experience. Just take advantage of the activities that make you feel more authentically “you” and allow yourself to lose yourself in them.

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