Fix;My Disney Plus does not work and has stopped on my mobile

Disney Plus is currently an application that allows you to have a streaming service whose content starts from series, movies, documentaries, mainly productions distributed by the Walt Disney Company, so that you can enjoy with your friends and family the incredible cinema that it has offered us since long time ago.

The application works in many countries worldwide since 2019 in order to provide entertainment to its users, and its reception was quite good with more than 60 million viewers. Although it has also been heavily criticized for various technical problems.

As not being able to install the application on our device , the total stoppage of the application, mentioning that the platform did not let them enjoy its content or is quite slow when using it , not letting see the downloads that it allows you to do, these and between other technical problems, as well.

Disney Plus has stopped and does not want to continue working, also if you have no idea what to do to reactivate it wanting to continue enjoying its content, do not worry, in discovering how to do it we will guide you in order to help you solve your problem.


  • Why has Disney plus unfortunately stopped?
  • How to face the total stop of Disney plus on a mobile device

Why has Disney plus unfortunately stopped?

Although Disney Plus is one of the applications perhaps most used today, it also has many flaws, such as in this case that the application has stopped unexpectedly while it was in use and you do not know what the failure is due to, then we must explore multiple reasons until you can find the origin of the fault you are dealing with.

What reasons could we take into account why our application stopped:

  • You need to update the application.
  • Your device may no longer be compatible.
  • Connection issues.
  • The application cache may be buggy.
  • Verify that your account is not open on more than 4 different devices.

How to face the total stop of Disney plus on a mobile device

If, sadly , the Disney Plus application has stopped on your cell phone, we will provide you with a series of steps to follow in order to solve the problem you are dealing with.

Update the app

When entering an Android device from the Play Store service where we installed Disney plus , we look for our application, select it and press where it says ” UPDATE”. At first glance, it may seem like a silly solution, but keeping the application updated gives us a better experience since the presence of future failures like this can be avoided.

Your device might no longer be compatible

Disney Plus may not work with an Android operating system lower than version 5.0. In this case, we advise you to update your Android version, if your device allows it. Normally, it throws up the option to update its version from time to time.

Connection issues

Disney Plus is a relatively new application and requires a stable internet connection so that its performance is what you expect and does not stop on your device. To discard this option, you could try to enter the platform from several WIFI networks or even through your mobile data.

The application cache may be buggy

In this step we will go to the ¨CONFIGURATION¨ option and we will look in our applications, ” Disney plus” . Once there you will have the option of “CLEAN CACHE” located in the storage section, we select it. Once the procedure is done, certain data from the platform will be deleted, such as the downloads you have made throughout its use and it will remain as the first time you used it.

Verify that your account is not open on more than 4 different devices

You have to bear in mind that Disney Plus lets you have up to 7 profiles in the same account, but you must bear in mind the fact that you can only play on 4 different devices since if you exceed that number the platform could present failures such as its total stoppage.

These are the steps that we recommend you to follow to solve that your Disney Plus account has stopped unexpectedly and you can continue enjoying your movies, series and documentaries. Successes!


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