Fix; Google Chrome Has Stopped or Is Not Responding

Since the internet came into our lives, it has evolved in how we usually do our activities, being our main tool and our most supreme ally when having to search, this step from being a source of information to a virtual world, where in We can both connect and interact with the people we want and even earn money.

Currently, the internet plays a very important role, basically every business has a digital platform, this exists so that consumers find it easier to request something, an example of this are sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, etc. . from shopping sites to social networks are websites and how do we access them? Through browsers, one of the largest browsers is Google Chrome.

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  1. Google Chrome
  2. Why is Google Chrome not working or stopping?
  3. What should I do if Google Chrome crashes or won’t open?
    1. Restart Chrome from the settings window
    2. Reboot your device
    3. Try using another browser
  4. How can I prevent Google Chrome from stopping working on my Android device?
    1. Keep your Apps updated
    2. Install another browser as a backup
  5. How to fix Google Chrome “has stopped or is not responding” error on my Android phone?
  6. What are the best browser alternatives to Google Chrome?

Google Chrome

This is a browser developed by the Google company and we could currently say that it is the largest browser on the planet, since it is in the market with a 70% share, Google Chrome in its beginnings went from being a novel browser to being the browser par excellence of most Internet users, the truth is not for less since this browser has an impressive system.

Google Chrome comes with interesting news, it is these same news for which users love Google Chrome, these range from allowing us to create extensions in Google Chrome, to giving us full access in sections such as blocking a specific web page, without a doubt tools and functions very useful that Chrome gives us its users.

Although Google Chrome is the most widely used browser today, it has incredible functions and is from the Google company, it does not mean that it is perfect, it is normal in fact that it may have errors when using it, either due to a bad update when downloaded or installed or from our device, both on our computer and our Android, in this case we will focus on the error that it has stopped.

Why is Google Chrome not working or stopping?

Many times this error occurs because the memory of our device is saturated with data and sends us errors of stopping our applications, in this case Google Chrome, however with all these steps your application will be ready to continue working in one go. optimally.

What should I do if Google Chrome crashes or won’t open?

Sometimes Google Chrome does not manage to work properly , that is, it stops, does not open and has other failures that interrupt our use of it. This can happen because the browser is outdated, it is saturated with information and storage, it has defects on its server; It can also be due to inappropriate pages or that contain viruses and this has accumulated them. To avoid bad times we propose two feasible solutions below.

Restart Chrome from the settings window

An easy option to execute and manage to give a quick response, is to restart the browser from the settings that it brings. To start you must open Google Chrome, then you go to the three vertical points in the upper right corner; there go to settings and then ‘advanced settings’.

Now, at this point, we suggest you carry out a process according to the system your computer uses. If it is Windows, you should look for the option that indicates ‘recover settings and delete’, then ‘reset settings’ and that’s it, the process will be done. But if your pc has a Mac, Linux or other system; then the reset option is called ‘restore the original settings defaults’ and finally you click on ‘reset settings’.

Reboot your device

Another alternative to solve this problem, which can be very useful, is to restart the computer . This can be done in a simple way, before doing it you must have closed any tab or program on the PC and then if you can restart.

Go to the main menu of the screen of your device and open the start menu, there a start or shutdown icon will appear ; click on this and another drop-down menu will appear; when you see it you must click on ‘restart’. Then you wait for the process to be carried out, that is, to turn the device off and on and then if you can open the browser again.

Try using another browser

In case the previous alternative has not worked for you, you need to change your browser so that you can access the internet from your pc. Since Chrome does not advance, nor has it been configured. To install a new browser follow the instructions below

  • Open the browser that is factory installed on your pc
  • There you look for the one you want to download
  • You give it to download and once finished you click on ‘run browser’
  • Wait a bit and it will notify you that the browser has been installed correctly

How can I prevent Google Chrome from stopping working on my Android device?

It is rarely common for the Android browser to suddenly stop working. However, this does not exempt there are users in which it cannot happen to them on their phones. For this reason, we will give you two key tips that will be of great help to prevent this from happening to you and lose access to navigate on your mobile.

Keep your Apps updated

The main thing you should do is make sure that all the applications you have on your cell phone are updated to their most recent version. This is an easy thing to do; for example, the Google Play Store allows its users the option to update each application they want or all each time there is a new update.

On the other hand, if you prefer not to saturate your mobile by activating this function, then you can manually update the apps that you consider necessary; What we do recommend is that you update the applications of the mobile system and the browser , since this is crucial for the proper functioning of the latter.

Install another browser as a backup

Also, it is essential that you have at least one other browser installed on your mobile, so that it serves as a backup for Google Chrome. This is suggested in case of the level of need that you have to use an internet search engine, otherwise it is not necessary.

To do this, you must enter the Android store and look for the browser you prefer or consider the best, then you give the option to ‘install’, you wait for the loading to finish and that’s it; you can easily open it and use it.

How to fix Google Chrome “has stopped or is not responding” error on my Android phone?

  • The first thing we should know at the time of this error is to knowour Android device well , to know if it is a phone with a good RAM memory or if, on the contrary, it no longer has the same power, this with respect to past updates of our applications.
  • We will go to the Settings of our phone and followed by this we will go to the Applications section.
  • Within this module, we will searchamong all the applications, the Google Chrome browser.
  • Already being within the information of Google Chrome, we will review how much is the weight sizein our device, this depends on its use will have a considerable size.
  • If in your case it weighs a lot and you do not use it as significantly, it may be that Google Chrome is hosting a lot of spaceon our phone, information that at the moment cannot be so useful within our device.
  • This information can usually be our Cache,so we will go within the Google Chrome information to the Storage section.
  • Once we are here we can see how the total weight of Google Chrome is structured and distributed on our cell phone, we will see the application dataand the cache memory.
  • The next thing we will do is clearboth the cache and the application data.
  • After all this, if your phone has an integrated cleaner, we recommend that you use it and you can delete other residual filesfrom our phone, so we not only debug Google Chrome but also our entire device.
  • We will restart ourAndroid phone and go to the Google Play Store, and as a last step, we can update Google Chrome to its latest version, this is positive since Google has new features these can have functions such as data saving, energy consumption, among others .

What are the best browser alternatives to Google Chrome?

There are currently several options for which you can replace Google Chrome, either on your phone, tablet or pc. But according to the needs of storage, speed and ease of use, we recommend the following list of potential browsers as well.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • DuckDuck Go
  • Mozilla
  • Brave browser
  • Vivaldi
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