How to fix WhatsApp Plus if it does not work on my mobile?

When WhatsApp came to the world, it did so in a humble way, as a competitor to the BlackBerry pin that no longer works. But today it is the most growling monster in the world of messaging applications. It is almost essential for those people who have a Smartphone, both Android and iPhone .

But in the beginning it was not what it is today, and we are not referring to its fame or the number of people who use it. We emphasize its interface and few options that will make life easier for users. This is why modified applications like WhatsApp Plus arrived that took the user experience much more seriously.

Today, we are going to give you the explanation why I can no longer enter or open WhatsApp Plus . Since, some of the problems that this modification of one of the most used applications today can present, are the inconveniences, such as “It doesn’t work, it stopped or I can’t enter”. Therefore, here we will show you how to fix them and why they happen.

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  1. Why is WhatsApp Plus not working on my phone? whatsapp plus wont let me login
    1. Server failures
    2. network error
    3. device saturation
  2. Why WhatsApp Plus does not open?
  3. How to force open WhatsApp Plus?
  4. How to fix WhatsApp Plus problems if it stops and won’t let me in?
  5. How to open WhatsApp Plus?
  6. How to open the WhatsApp Plus APK on my mobile?
    1. What to do if WhatsApp Plus is not working?
  7. WhatsApp Plus shutdown

Why is WhatsApp Plus not working on my phone? whatsapp plus wont let me login

On occasion, the platform itself may not operate on some mobile devices . When opening, no function or can’t enter, you may have a very serious problem in your mobile phone.

For you to understand better, to open WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone, it takes time, since it is an App Mod of the original. The status of this app looks like the normal one, only with better options. In such a case that “It stopped or does not work” happens to you, here we leave you some reason why such problems happen.

Server failures

The most classic of the problems with these Apps is the state of the servers, which is where they take and store the information over time. When it doesn’t work, this may be the main cause of failures . And it is that at the moment that I cannot enter or it stopped, a message will appear that the Server is not available.

network error

Another one that is always up to date, and that we can say is also annoying, is the internet connection. Because of this problem, opening WhatsApp plus will be a somewhat difficult task. The fact that it stopped or does not work because it is not in a Network, is something very easy, just establish synchronization with one and that’s it .

device saturation

Another of the inconveniences that can occur so that I cannot enter and open WhatsApp Plus , is one on your cell phone. In case you have many apps installed, it will lead to saturation in mobile phone status over time. By means of the said problem, it does not work or leads to the application being stopped.

Why WhatsApp Plus does not open?

There are many reasons why said app cannot carry out this process. One of the clearest is that your cell phone does not work to host this Mod, that is why you say “I can not enter”. Opening WhatsApp Plus is very easy, as long as you have the right mobile phone device.

How to force open WhatsApp Plus?

If you’re seeing that it’s stopped, it’s not working, or you’re wondering, why can’t I get in? Here we bring you the solution. The moment you want to access this app, however, it does not let you, make a forced entry in order to Open WhatsApp Plus.

If you want to execute this procedure, you must first close it completely. To do this, go to the applications on your mobile and go to this one. Here, you must hit “Force stop” so that you can reopen WhatsApp Plus normally.

This is one of the ways to enter when the app does not let you do it as usual. It is more, for those cases, when it does not work, stopped or I cannot enter as usual. Upon completion, it will open regularly.

How to fix WhatsApp Plus problems if it stops and won’t let me in?

For those who continue to see problems when entering said platform, there are many ways to solve it. The easiest of all, reinstalling the app so that its default values ​​return. If at the beginning it did not present problems , and due to a bad modified option it stopped or I cannot enter, this is your solution.

How to open WhatsApp Plus?

The enormous pressure that Facebook exerted on this application, which came to have 40 million users worldwide. Its great popularity was the trigger for its developers to stop promoting it.

A series of legal battles for copyright, temporary and total bans on users who installed it on their mobile phones. Also a series of threats of various kinds managed to make the little gladiator give his last breaths on the internet arena.

In that case, if you own the WhatsApp Plus APK file, you might still be able to get it to work . If you can’t get it to boot, you may need to make some corrections to your phone, such as clearing the cache.

How to open the WhatsApp Plus APK on my mobile?

As we have already explained, this app stopped working, but it is possible to download its APK file from some application download websites. You must be careful, since what many of these sites do is take advantage of the fame of WhatsApp Plus to generate organic traffic to their website and end up giving the person something else that, in the worst case, can be viruses. The steps you have to follow are the following:

  • Delete the originalWhatsApp application that does not work.
  • Search Google for the latest version of the WhatsApp Plus APK.
  • When you have the download located, once on the web you have to click ‘Install and open WhatsApp Plus’.
  • Once downloaded you have to add your mobile number to link the contacts.

What to do if WhatsApp Plus is not working?

Next, we are going to leave you some simple steps that you could try in case you cannot launch WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone:

  • Proceed to uninstall the application.
  • Install CCleaner and clean your Android operating system.
  • Reinstall the APK file and try the app again and see if it runs or not.

As a second option we leave you the following steps:

  • Follow the following command path from your cell phone menu:
    Settings -> Applications -> open WhatsApp Plus
  • Now you must clear the cache, all the data and restart your cell phone. If you follow these recommendations, you should not have any problem when running WhatsApp Plus and leaving the Not working error.

These solutions are simple and can help you . However, we must warn you that we are giving them to you, since you are surely a romantic who longs for that WhatsApp Plus that made your life so much easier, but that has officially ceased to exist.

We must be frank with you and suggest that you look for some other alternatives . This application on your cell phone could be a disadvantage instead of what it was at the time. This will avoid problems with your WhatsApp account and it does not work.

In case you want something other than WhatsApp, we recommend Telegram and other similar applications that have many options designed for the enjoyment of people in the world. In January 2015 , WhatsApp Plus stopped working as a brand, although even today it is possible to find and install its APK file with the risks that it entails.

WhatsApp Plus shutdown

All this sabotage achieved the goal that opening WhatsApp Plus would throw in the towel and its application had already been formally closed. All those improvements that its users enjoyed had to be scrapped and wait for the original WhatsApp to implement its own improvements.

Over time, these improvements have been implemented in WhatsApp has a better interface with many utilities and options that its users like. But others that WhatsApp Plus had were not taken into account because it does not work. Many people keep wondering if it is still possible to use WhatsApp Plus.

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