Fix;Facebook does not allow sharing posts or content

For more than a decade and counting, Facebook has remained the most popular and used social network in the world , thanks to its wide range of entertainment and communication tools to connect with all corners of the world and not lose contact despite distance, all of this combined into one totally easy-to-use platform.

Being one of the most versatile social networks in existence , through this social network you can export and import contacts to LinkedIn from Facebook , as with any other service, so that all your contacts and acquaintances are within the same application to communicate with them more quickly and easily.

Likewise, Facebook is the perfect communication tool today. However, this can be much more than a network to communicate with other people , since thanks to its various complementary tools you have the option of creating a Virtual Store with Facebook , to create a business and do digital marketing without spending money on advertising. .

Now, with all the possibilities that Facebook has to offer, it does not mean that it is alien to presenting functional problems on certain occasions, the good news is that these problems can be solved in a short time. Therefore, today we will teach you how to solve the problem when Facebook does not allow you to share publications or content.


  • Facebook does not allow sharing posts or content
  • Set Facebook privacy to share posts

Facebook does not allow sharing posts or content

On many occasions for various reasons, Facebook tends to block the function of sharing publications, something that has been happening more regularly in recent times and can become tedious for any user. Generally, this happens because you have made mistakes in Facebook policies or because you have shared many posts in a short time.

In these cases, you must be careful not to repeat the offense again because Facebook can block or even delete your account in the worst case. So if you have had this problem in the past, it is recommended to start familiarizing yourself with the Facebook community rules to make sure you do not break any of them, and therefore maintain your account.

In the same way, it is also recommended to delete all old Facebook posts that other users can search and report due to infractions in the regulations, so therefore you must cover all the alternatives to prevent the worst. Since when you start a Facebook account from scratch, you absolutely lose all the moments and memories of your past account.

Now, to solve this problem you must bear in mind that in the case that it is the first time that Facebook blocks this option or it has already happened to you on other occasions, this will only be for a predetermined period of time , which in most cases of the cases it is not usually a long time.

Likewise, to prevent this problem from being definitive, it is recommended to go to Facebook> Facebook help box> Community rules , so that you can have a concrete idea of ​​why you have been blocked, in order not to repeat this action. .

Set Facebook privacy to share posts

There is also the possibility that despite not being temporarily blocked, we cannot share the publications of other people or they cannot share the publications of your personal account. This, in the vast majority of cases, is due to Facebook’s privacy settings that were changed by some software error or manually without having knowledge of it.

The only positive thing about these types of problems is that thanks to Facebook’s simple interface, you can solve them internally in a matter of minutes. So that others can share your publications, you simply have to configure the privacy of the same and place it publicly or that only your friends can share it.

To do this, locate the publication that you want others to share and click on the three horizontal dots in the right corner of the publication to open the drop-down menu of options, select the “Edit publication” section and here you can configure the option as you want from “Who can see your post?”


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