Why does your Instagram App not allow you to update the Feed?

Instagram is very famous for the large number of features they have. In fact, it is the preferred social network of many users. However, sometimes it may happen that it does not allow you to update the feed to see new publications. Therefore, below it will be explained exactly what can be done in case this happens.

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  1. What is causing Instagram not to update the Feed on your device?
    1. Your network operators limit activity
    2. Total user load
  2. How to solve this error in your application from Android or iOS?
    1. Check your App
    2. Check your internet connection
    3. Reboot your device
    4. Uninstall the app
  3. What is the way you can check if the Instagram servers are working?
    1. With another social network
    2. Go to the official pages

What is causing Instagram not to update the Feed on your device?

There are several reasons why Instagram does not update  the feed on devices . However, two of them will be shown below, and because they prevent the contents from being seen.

Your network operators limit activity

The first reason is the most obvious, and that is why many people overlook it: the internet connection is unstable, or even non-existent . Whether you are browsing with mobile data or fixed internet, you need to have a stable connection.

Total user load

Although it is a huge and resourceful platform, it also has limitations. That is why if there are a large number of users entering the platform, it is possible that the servers become saturated and this causes the feed to not be updated.

How to solve this error in your application from Android or iOS?

Now, since what really matters is not why it happens, but how to solve this problem, the following will explain what actions can be taken in case this situation occurs on your device.

Check your App

Something that can happen is that the application is crashing on the device, or that it is simply not updated. In order to verify and correct this problem, you can force it to stop in the settings or simply update the app.

Check your internet connection

Another way to fix this problem is to check the internet connection. For example, the mobile data or the Wi-Fi connection can be restarted. It is also advisable to verify that the network cables are correctly connected. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to properly disconnect them and reconnect them.

Reboot your device

Another possibility is that the device has some kind of problem that is interfering with the update of the feed. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to restart the device and then log in to the application again. By doing this simple action, you can fix the problem.

Uninstall the app

One last option that many completely ruled out is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Although it seems extreme, the truth is that this technique does work , and it is also not complicated to carry out.

Now, sometimes it happens that none of the problems that have already been mentioned are the ones that are affecting us , but rather it is a general crash of the servers. Other techniques can be tried to find out if this is what is happening, and precisely that will be discussed below.

What is the way you can check if the Instagram servers are working?

When the Instagram servers go down it is quite annoying, especially for those who spend much of their time on this platform. However, it is at least possible to confirm when this is what is happening . Two methods will be explained below to verify if the lack of feed update is due to a crash.

With another social network

The first thing to do is check with another social network. For example, because Facebook, Facebook Messenger and also WhatsApp are part of the same platform with Instagram, you can try accessing these platforms and see if they respond. If this is not the case, it may mean a failure in the servers.

However, they can also be verified by entering other social networks to check. For example,  other social networks like LinkedIn , Twitter, and even YouTube don’t rely on Facebook or Instagram at all, so they’re perfect.

Go to the official pages

In the event that the above does not work, you can try entering the official Instagram and Facebook pages to verify that it is a server failure. Entering normally has nothing to do with this; but if not, you can know that it is a bug in the platform.


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