How does the Instagram feed work?

Instagram is a social network belonging to Facebook, focused on sharing images, photos and videos with varied, informative and all kinds of content. With more than 1200 million registered and active users for the first quarter of 2021, it is one of the most popular social networks today, in fact, the second largest after Facebook. It is very possible that you have an account on Instagram or that you are interested in creating an account , so today we will talk about many important aspects related to this powerful platform.

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  1. What is the main purpose of Instagram?
  2. What benefits does this social network provide for the promotion of your content or personal brand?
  3. Disadvantages of using Instagram as a social network
  4. How can I correctly use Instagram for my personal consumption?
  5. What are the main differences between a personal profile and a business one?
  6. What are Instagram Stories?
  7. How does the Instagram feed work?
  8. How can I register for an Instagram account?
    1. From PC
    2. From the mobile app

What is the main purpose of Instagram?

The main objective of this huge social network is to establish a platform in which a community can be generated between the content creator, personal brand, service or product company and their target audience . Through different ways of sharing information, generate interactions so that organic growth and future conversion of all members of a specific community can be obtained to potential customers of your product or service.

What benefits does this social network provide for the promotion of your content or personal brand?

There are few benefits that this social network offers to those people who want to use it or already do so to promote their content, product or service that they offer through their personal brand . We are going to mention the most outstanding ones so that each one can identify with those that align with their needs.

  • You can get to know your audience better, because it is finally a social network, the users who enter to consume the content that there is in it, openly express their likes, interests and affinities, so you can have access to each personal profile until you find the perfect customer , the one who is looking for exactly the product or service that you are offering as a company. This translates into a higher chance of converting a follower into a potential and repeat customer, which is beneficial to your personal brand.
  • As we have mentioned, Instagram has more than 1200 million registered and active users around the world, which translates into a sea of ​​potential customers, since through this network these users express their interests in different products and servicesthat if you know how to supply it, you will have guaranteed success as a personal brand.
  • Another extremely important benefit is that Instagram has a support program for advertising campaigns. Certainly. These campaigns to promote your personal brand have a low cost (depending on the country in which you are located). It is a very powerful service that with a good strategy will surely return very beneficial results to your personal brand.
  • One of the most powerful benefits of Instagram is its segmentation capacity, which makes available to commercial accounts a series of tools with which the audiencethey have can be filtered by location, interests, behavior and will allow you to be much more specific with your audience.
  • It should be mentioned within the benefits of this social network, the fact that it is totally free, the benefit that can be obtained is a lot, even paying an advertising campaign the profitability will be in favor of the personal brandthat makes the investment, there will always be a benefit and the entire base platform and audience access is completely free.

Disadvantages of using Instagram as a social network

Nothing is perfect and social networks do not escape from that reality, however, what we can call “Disadvantages” of using Instagram really are in our consideration a small price for the enjoyment of all its benefits . For this reason, we are going to mention the less beneficial aspects that we consider to be the most outstanding.

  • The amount of content for each publication is limited, Instagram only allows a maximum of 2000 characters as a caption for each post you share, so you will require an excellent copywriting strategy for your community to be interested in fully reading the description of your posts.
  • Another important limitation that we must mention is that you cannot add links in the descriptions of your post, so you will have to find a way for your audience to go to your profile and click on your bio where it is the only place where you can share an external link.
  • A weak point of using this social network is that until now there is no way to protect your images, because any other user or company can take a screenshot and use the image you have shared for their own benefit.
  • For being such a huge social network, the amount of competition is also huge. So if you want to stay at the top of your content category, you will have to invest a large amount of time creating content strategies to keep your audience focused on your personal brand.

How can I correctly use Instagram for my personal consumption?

If you have one or want to create an Instagram account, the profile that is created by default is the personal profile, if you want to keep that profile to use that account as a normal user who consumes content and shares their daily life. You must know what are the basic functions that you must handle to give a correct use to your Instagram profile.

Personal accounts do not have any type of limitation regarding the creation of Stories, post or direct, which you can basically share through a personal or commercial profile, the difference is that in this case you will not have access to the analytics it offers Instagram to commercial profiles.

You can also link your personal Facebook account and thus be able to synchronize what you share on both networks , this will save you the work of having to share your post separately on each network. From now on, for a personal profile, you just need to start exploring the accounts with the content that catches your attention and follow them from your profile.

What are the main differences between a personal profile and a business one?

Basically, the difference lies in the way in which Instagram exposes each profile to the audience that follows it. For example, the Instagram algorithm will always favor the content of business accounts to have more exposure than that of personal accounts, all due to the interest that companies with Instagram accounts can have more sales.

Another important difference is that from the company profile you can have access to all the promotional tools and paid advertising campaigns, where you can promote stories and all kinds of publications while with a personal profile this is not possible.

Finally, personal accounts do not have access to Instagram metrics to analyze your audience, on the other hand, business accounts have powerful segmentation tools, you will be able to see who follows you, how many times a publication has been saved, even the reach that has had, the number of times your post has been viewed and even the times when your audience connects most frequently.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories or Stories are a new Instagram function where we can share a kind of temporary post that includes videos, photos or animated texts, which we can personalize with effects or predesigned templates and that will only be available for 24 hours from the moment in which are shared .

Another peculiarity of Instagram stories is that they cannot receive likes or comments , but rather “Reactions” are used, which the person who wishes to interact must choose and the person who shares the story receives a direct message in their inbox each time you get a reaction.

You can share the number of stories you want throughout the day without receiving limitations from Instagram for the number of publications as if it happens in the case of a traditional post in your feed.

How does the Instagram feed work?

The feed is what people see when they enter the profile of an Instagram account, it is the way in which all the thumbnails of the posts that that person has made throughout their stay in this social network are organized . Also the bio, profile photo and contact information are part of the feed.

Having an attractive feed is very important for a profile, as it can make the difference between a person who leaves your profile and one who remains consuming the content and possibly becomes a customer.

This is why there are many strategies to organize the feed of a profile, you can find a feed organized by colors that are aligned to the color palette of your company or brand, or a rainbow feed which does not have a predominant color but each image you share has a different predominant color.

There are also feeds organized vertically, horizontally, diagonally, in the form of a checkerboard, in contrast, with frames, mosaics and a huge variety of ideas and designs to capture the attention of your visitors and keep them consuming your content as much as possible. possible time.

How can I register for an Instagram account?

If you have not yet created an account on Instagram, but after reading this post you are encouraged to do so, we are going to show you the two ways you have at hand to register in this powerful social network.

From PC

If you want to create your account from your computer, you must open your favorite browser and access the official Instagram page , once inside, you will see a section that says ” Don’t you have an account? Register “click there and you will be redirected to a new page where you will have to choose if you want to log in with your Facebook data or enter the complete information.

In the event that you want to integrate your Facebook account , click on the blue button and you must enter your Facebook email and password and seconds later you will have your Instagram account created and integrated into your Facebook profile.

If you want to use other data to create your account, then write the email or phone number that you want to use to create your Instagram account, in addition to your full name, the name you want as a user, a password and click on the ” Sign up ” button .

Once you do, you will receive a confirmation email or a text message depending on the method you used to create your account, with a code to confirm the creation of your user, enter that code and you will be redirected to your profile settings and biography where you can choose your profile photo and you can also start following some people who are already part of this social network.

From the mobile app

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use the mobile application to create your account and use it directly from your mobile phone, then you must download the official app from the App Store or Play Store , depending on the operating system of your mobile.

Once you have it installed, open it and press the “Register” button , here you must enter a username, password, an email or a phone number to keep your account associated with it. When you complete all these fields, press the “Create account” button and you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox if you have registered with your email, and if you use a mobile phone number you will receive a message with a code to activate your account.

Enter the app again and enter the code received on your phone or click on the link you received by email, when you do, you will be within the platform and you will have to start customizing your profile with your photo and filling in the information for your Biography.

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