Find out why men disappear: the real reason!

You know a man, they both have excellent chemistry and everything is going in the right direction. And then, poof! It just disappears from your life. It is as if he has been taken to the witness protection program. You have no idea what happened, he no longer contacts you and it even crosses your mind that he may have had an accident. After many phone calls and unanswered messages, you finally realize that he just left, became a ghost of your life. What remains of this whole experience are doubts. After all, what could have gone wrong? Today I’m going to give you some answers: find out why men disappear.

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • As it happens?
  • The reasons why men disappear
  • Explanation why men disappear
  • See the bright side

As it happens?

You guys had passionate moments together. He said that everything was great, that it was unforgettable moments, that you are beautiful, smart, sexy and incredible, and he will call you soon. And you wait for that call. A week goes by, two… He started to think: “Is it my fault?”, “Does he have a problem?”.

The best advice I can give you in these cases is to forget about this guy, but I know how the doubt erodes. Are you going to wonder why he suddenly abandoned you? What I can tell you is that most of the time it has nothing to do with you. Sometimes, you may have done or said something that scared you. The disappearance can have several reasons. You may have said or done something that erased it made it lose its charm. So, here are the main reasons why men disappear:

Reasons why men disappear

One or two dates don’t mean a relationship

Just because you felt a great attraction to a man does not mean that you are in a relationship. It was just that: good dates. Even though you slept together, it doesn’t mean that he wants to be in a relationship with you. It just means he slept with you. You can often be creating expectations in something that was just fun times.

He’s not emotionally available

He is separated for two years and thinks he is ready to commit to another person, but he is not. He compares all women to his ex-wife, meaning he is not ready for a new relationship, but he still doesn’t know it.

He’s a player

We all know men who are good at collecting women. In his charming way, he discovers a pattern that makes women fall at his feet. This does not necessarily make them a bad person. For these men, love, family and commitment are not attractive.

The worst thing about these cases is that men are not content with just sex. He wants the woman to be emotionally involved and when she finally gives in and is in love, they leave the scene and go to another. For them what counts is the thrill of the hunt.

He disenchanted

It probably happened to you. He met a nice guy, but after a date, or even a sex, he became disenchanted. It happens, it’s life. No one can please everyone. And if it didn’t happen with this one, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen with the next one. Stop criticizing yourself and believing that you are ugly, uninteresting or anything like that. You just didn’t agree. So, forget this guy and ball forward. There are many other guys who can appreciate your charms.

You scared him

If you are too insecure, with your self-esteem too low, too needy, you may be scaring men! He may even have arrived with good intentions, wanting to get to know you better, but you were already anxious and wanted to skip several steps. Don’t stop calling, texting, asking questions, distrusting, charging… The guy probably got scared and thought that a relationship with you would probably be a trap.

He thought it was love, but it was passion

He didn’t lie about the feelings, he really had a great time with you, but after a while he realized that all those feelings were nothing but desire, a strong passion. Nothing remains, just the desire to disappear as soon as possible.

It may seem cruel, but believe me, it is more common than you think. Despite accusing women of being highly emotional, men tend to rush things and tend to mistake strong attraction for love. However, just as he fell in love, he loses interest.

He is not ready

The truth is that many men are simply not ready for a relationship. Maybe it’s because of their career, maybe because they still don’t want marriage, or maybe just because they want to enjoy life before they settle down.

The reason doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it just isn’t ready. So he decides to date women for a while, he gets closer and closer to them, but, deep down, he doesn’t want anything serious.

He just wants sex!

Yes, there are men who act like real princes for the sole purpose of getting women to bed. And when they do, they disappear. Or they appear only when they want to repeat the dose. Sad, but true. It has nothing to do with you. Keep a good memory and go on the next attempt to find a guy after one night. Learn from that experience and don’t hold grudges. That way, you will already be a much safer and more attractive woman.

Other reasons

He came back with an ex, he is a sociopath, he has a secret wife and children he hasn’t told, he has unresolved problems with his past, who knows? And you know what? Who cares?

It is not your job to wonder why someone has disappeared. The fact is that we cannot control and predict the change in behavior of each person.

The best thing you can do is to get out of these situations more aware of yourself, more certain of what you want and with your sense of unwavering optimism and confidence. Losing a guy who doesn’t want you is not a disaster, losing yourself along the way is.


You can say, “All of these reasons are ok. I just want the minimum politeness of a call or message telling me the reason for the missing person ”. However, you need to think that this explanation depends on the degree of your involvement. If you went on a few dates, perhaps, in his mind, no explanation was needed. We are all adults here. If you guys went out for dinner a couple of times, does he really need to write a long text explaining his reasons?

However, if the two had been in a relationship for at least some time, you did deserve an explanation. But apparently this guy is incredibly immature and doesn’t have the courage to face a problem head on. In those cases, believe me, see his disappearance as a deliverance.

See the bright side

Now that you’ve seen the reasons why men disappear and managed to get a more objective view of the situation, look at the bright side of it all. Maybe this guy, who you thought you were so in love with, would make you suffer a lot in the near future. So consider a missing person a blessing, see it as an early Christmas gift. Imagine how bad it would be to invest in a relationship with someone who is not trustworthy and who cannot face a problem. It may seem like a cliché, but in these cases, use that saying: “just before badly accompanied”. You deserve much more. So, use your self-confidence and find someone who really deserves you

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