What is film piracy and how is it made?

You must have heard about Piracy or Pirated website, but do you know what this piracy is and how it is made? Probably not, because then you are reading this article. Actually, it remains a headache for movie makers, because of this they suffer crores. So, let us know, what is film piracy, how is it done, how do piracy take place? Piracy Defination in Hindi?

Piracy is a headache for the whole world and it is very difficult to stop it. Governments of many countries have tried to stop it but still it is active.

If you download a free movie from the Internet, then you must go about it. Because you should know that you are not making any mistake.

Before knowing about film piracy, we should know what piracy is? Only then can we understand it better.

Piracy kya hai, piracy kaise banai jati hai, piracy kaise baante hai, piracy ki jankari hindi mein.

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What is piracy? (What is Piracy in Hindi)

Piracy means piracy . That is, robbery or violent theft on a boat traveling on the sea and its passengers are called piracy.

The criminals who commit piracy are called Pirates or Pirates. ‘Pirates’ in English are called ‘piracy’ and ‘pirates’ are called ‘pirates’.

In Persian, ‘pirates’ are called ‘Duzd Dariya’ (دزد دریایی) i.e. ‘Dariya Chor’ or ‘Sea Thief’. In the Greek language these are called ‘Peirates’ (πειρατής).

The websites on which piracy is done are called piracy website or pirated website. For example, TamilRockers is a pirated website.

Preventing such crime is difficult, as the seaside area is vast (3 times the area of ​​the entire land) and these pirates often operate across international borders.

Therefore the police or army of any one country cannot stop them. To prevent this, many countries need to come together, which is a bit difficult.

What is the film piracy? in Hindi

Film piracy refers to digital piracy in which unauthorized duplication of original content is sold in the market at a low price.

That is, copying movies without permission of the filmmakers and selling them in the market at cheap prices is called film piracy.

Earlier this work was done by CD, DVD, but now it is the era of Internet and everyone uses Internet. That is why piracy team also take advantage of it.

Now movie piracy is done by creating pirated sites. These people make a website and provide free download by uploading pirated version of movies in it.

Due to this, the filmmakers lose crores. That is why piracy is considered illegal in many countries and the government is trying to stop it.

How is piracy created?

There are different ways to create piracy. Talking about film piracy, a movie is recorded by going to the theater. For this, hidden camera or mobile camera is used.

That is, the work of piracy is to go to the theater and record the film and add different language and put it online on your website.

But the quality of the video recorded from Cinema Hall is not good, so these people steal HD copy of the movie by hacking or other way and make it available on their site.

Previously, as soon as a film appeared in talkies, its pirated CD was made available in the market within 1-2 weeks, but now everything has changed.

Now, shortly after the release of the film, its pirated version is uploaded to the free movie download torrent website for free download.

Not only this, many times the film is leaked online before its release. As soon as the government comes to know about their website, it blocks it.

But his team starts working again by creating a new website with new domain name . Not only the website but it also takes advantage of social platforms like Telegram.

Why is film piracy made?

After knowing about the piracy, a question will definitely come in your mind that why this piracy is made. So let me tell you about it too.

Parsi refers to piracy in which the dacoits get stolen goods from the passengers. In the same way, by doing film piracy, they also earn millions of crores of rupees.

When they leak a film, they contact its owners for a ransom. For example, he also demanded ransom from the makers of Bahubali.

This is because when the movie is leaked, it does not get enough viewers in the theater, it causes loss of crores to the movie and a good movie is also flopped.

Now, as ransom is available to very few people, these people make free movie downloading site and make all leaked movies available for free download.

Now you know how many people in the world prefer to download a movie from the Internet for free rather than going to the cinema hall.

Perhaps millions, not millions of people do it, or rather say that most people do it because it saves them both the time and money it takes to go to the cinema hall.

Now there is no need to tell you that there is millions of traffic on piracy websites, crores of people use these websites to download free movies.

Let’s download in Movie free, how are they earning free? Now this question must be coming in your mind. Let me make you satisfied about this too.

How does Piracy Sites earn?

They use third-party ads for earning. They have so much traffic that they earn lakhs of rupees every day.

And these people use more and more advertisement for earning more . So much that it becomes difficult to download a movie from them.

Movie download is redirected to many pages and multiple ads are placed on each page with a download link.

Because of more ads, ads get more clicks than download links. Even if the audience is not able to download the movie, because their purpose is only to make income.

Now, because piracy is illegal. That is why Top Ad Network does not allow ads on these sites, so these people use third-party advertising, which are dangerous.

Most of these ads contain malware, virus, which are automatically downloaded & installed in the user’s system as soon as they click on the ad.

With this, hackers steal the personal data of the audience and then make money by using or selling them incorrectly.

Is it a crime to download a movie from a pirated website?

Yes, Piracy is considered to be Illegal in many countries including India and there is a provision of a jail sentence of up to 3 years for those who do this kind of work.

Now let me tell you that this punishment is not only for those who create this type of website, but the same law is also there to download movies from these pirated sites.

Downloading a movie from any kind of pirated site is a crime and if found doing so, the police can arrest you and you can be jailed.

If you did not know about it yet and you have done so many times till now, then we recommend that you do not do this at all from now onwards.

In conclusion,

Piracy is illegal and it is a legal offense to use such websites as well. That is why, save them and ask others to avoid them too.

Avoid Piracy and ask others to avoid it too. If you have to download a movie, then use legal movie download websites for this.


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