What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet – Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet : Internet has many advantages but also some disadvantages. Where it has made the life of a person much easier, it has also created some problems. In this article today, we will talk about what are the benefits of internet and what are the disadvantages?

In today’s era, Internet has become a source of daily use in human life, with the advent of Internet, there has been a big change in human life, so that it is difficult for a person to live without internet.

While a lot of human work has become easier after the arrival of the Internet, it has created a lot of difficulties in the life of a human being. There has been good and bad for the people too.

In the modern era, most of the work is being done through the Internet because it saves time, saves money and also consumes less energy .

But the loss of the internet also cannot be denied. So let’s know. Internet ke fayde aur nuksan, about internet advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet – Advantit and Loss of Internet

Internet has many advantages, while it also has many disadvantages. In this article, we will not only tell you about these benefits but also about the disadvantages of the Internet.

Previously, where we had to go to office again and again to get our work done, today we can do most of the works through the internet right from home.

Even those of you who are reading this post, this is also due to the Internet, if there was no entry, the information would not have been read in a book, but here.

Benefits of Internet – Advantages of Internet in Hindi

Where internet is available for everyone today, a few years ago, internet was not so easily available to the common people, so internet was used only for mail or for most business only.

But since the introduction of the smartphone and the internet price decreased, the internet reached the common people very easily and people also took advantage of this opportunity.

Internet has many advantages which are as follows.

1. Communication

Faster communication is the most important advantage of the Internet. Today, through internet, we can talk to a person sitting in any corner of the world at no charge only with the help of internet data.

To communicate through the internet, we either use Video calling or use audio calling or we can also send messages via email.

When we did not have internet, we had to write a letter to the person sitting at a distance to get the news, which was a very time consuming task, but after the arrival of internet, we can talk to anyone sitting at home.

2. Information Sharing

In the old times, if we had to give any information to someone, for this we would write a letter or send information to someone.

But now we have many ways to share information through internet. Such as Voice, Video, Text messages etc.

Internet is a treasure trove of information, through this we can get all kinds of information. Nowadays Education, Government Laws, Sales & Marketing etc. on Google. Information of all is easily found.

3. Phone Connectivity

Due to the internet, the distance between us is almost exhausted, due to which we can communicate with any member of the world, we have become so close that it seems that the front is with us.

But in reality it is thousands of kilometers away from us. There is no limit to it, anyone from any country in the world can interact with the Internet.

4. Education

Internet has an important role in learning. Now digital class rooms are being built everywhere, so that students can be taught and explained anything easily.

You can do any study through internet on your mobile, computer and laptop from home, even many websites provide online certificates.

5. Information, information and education

If you need any information from any one place or any topic about any topic today or if you want to learn anything, then the Internet does all this for you.

If you go to Google and search for anything, million web pages are ready to answer your question, or if you want to know something through video, then YouTube is the only product of Google where you get to watch millions of videos.

So it will not be wrong to say that in today’s time, the Internet can answer your every question anytime from anywhere.

6. Connectivity, communication, and sharing

There was a time when you used to talk through the letter to someone you know or for any government work, but ever since the internet expanded, Facebook, Email and Whatsapp made it as if connectivity, communication, and sharing were very made easy.

Today, you can not only chat to the people who are sitting far away, but you can also make video calls and can also share any documents, images and videos.

7. Online Shopping

According to me, the most common people who have benefited after the arrival of internet has been online shopping. If you want to buy anything. Like mobile, clothes or shoes etc.

So all you have to do is go to the online website on your mobile and place an order, the product reaches your home shortly after that. The Internet has made shopping so easy today.

8. Online bill, ticket

First to pay the electricity bill, then stand in line, if you want to do college admission, then stand in line, if you want to make any document, then the problem of standing in line was common. Because of this we used to waste a lot of time.

But now you can fill the bill online through internet, fill the form, even train ticket, bus ticket can also be booked online, mobile recharge online.

9. Make Money Online

And one of the biggest advantages of expanding the internet is that you can earn money online too. For example, you can sell your own product on an online website or you can promote it.

How internet has become a business platform for millions of people today, many people earn millions of rupees from it. Such as making videos on YouTube or earning by creating your own website .

10. Business Promotion

Internet is a very useful way of promoting business. By promoting Online Business we can promote our business all over the world.

Previously, where advertisements of his company were given in newspapers, now by running Google ads on the Internet, his business is promoted. Your own business website can also be created.

11. Entertainment

Internet Entertainment has a store. You can watch countless videos, watch movies and or play any game on the Internet for entertainment.

Apart from this, you can share your photos, videos with your friends on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, as well as any type of your own video in an app like TikT0k.

12. Net Banking

Previously, where we had to go to the bank branch to do a small work related to banking, now we can do all the work of the bank through net banking.

Through internet, you can open a new account, transfer money, apply for debit or credit card, change ATM PIN.

If I say your bank is in your pocket then it will not be wrong because you can do all your work through net banking through your bank’s mobile app or its website.

Disadvantages of the Internet in Hindi

Now it is not at all like that only we have benefited from the arrival of internet. Yes, some damage has definitely happened, however, we can stop this loss which itself, if we take care of some things and take some precautions.

Let us now know some of the major disadvantages that we are experiencing from the Internet.

1. Time Waste

Nowadays people are starting to use the internet more than necessary, rather say that most people spend most of their daily life on the internet.

Some people are addicted to running the internet even while eating, drinking, sleeping and talking. They talk to you, but keep an eye on their phone.

Even many students spend their time being active on social media instead of studying. Watch movies and waste most of their time.

2. Hacking, theft and fraud

If you have to fill anything online, then you have to provide your email ID, mobile number. So there is always the fear of theft of your identity.

Even what you talk to someone through Facebook should not be leaked anywhere or there is always a fear of your Facebook id being hacked and your website being hacked.

Nowadays, many fraud things have also started going online like many times online fees are taken from you by filling a government job form online and nothing happens. Many such online frauds are also seen.

3. Internet habit

Nowadays among young people, you must have seen that they would only stay engaged on mobile all day, in which they would play games or keep playing social media or watch a video on YouTube.

They get into the habit of the Internet, which is very bad, it not only affects our other works but also our health.

4. Away from loved ones

Although through the internet, we have started to learn about the world, talk to people from all over the world but are becoming distant from our family, relatives and close friends.

Earlier we used to sit and talk with our loved ones, but nowadays we only run internet all day or even go to meet somewhere, then we use only internet there too.

5. Obscenity, misrepresentation and exploitation

You must have seen how many posts are seen about someone on Facebook. Wrongly propagated which is also a wrong message in the society.

Apart from this, you can also watch pornography very much on the internet because the internet can show any type of photos, videos or text content near you at a very fast speed.

6. Dangerous for children

Where the right things happen on the Internet, there are wrong things too, there are many things that are not right for children. There is a lot of material that children should not see.

If by mistake, a child gets clicked on the wrong ad, then he is shown the same things, which is a big problem. Because of this, the attention of the children in education also deviates.

7. Wrong Use of Internet

Nowadays many people, whether children, young and old, have started misusing the Internet. That means that people watch the wrong video on the Internet, which changes their thinking.

They teach the same things to the society, apart from this, some people blackmail people, make a personal video of someone and upload it on the Internet.

Or by threatening to do so, they rob people of money. While Internet has made human life easier, it has also made crime easier.

Final words

Internet is very important in our life because it helps us in many places in our daily life but we also cannot forget its disadvantages.

If we look at the Internet from a positive point of view then it is a store of information and if we look at it negatively then it is a repository of wrong things.

Now how we have to use it, it depends on us, if we use it properly, it will be good for us and if we use it in the wrong way, it will be bad for us.

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