How To Feel beautiful through thoughts

Feeling beautiful through thoughts is possible! Here, the fundamental theme of all our special, “self-esteem”, key point to see us and feel beautiful returns.

For us, women; be beautiful, well groomed, show off a slender figure, healthy hair, hide wrinkles to the maximum, clothes we wear; that is to say everything that is external, whatever it is to show we need to have it controlled.

However, the appearance is not everything, it is important to feel good internally, if you are beautiful and shiny, but inside you feel, frustrated, defeated, bitter; meaningless, this will reflect in your attitudes, in dealing with others in your family environment, with your classmates, work; Anyway, who do you live with?

Remember that it is also ego not only to feel, believe and appear to be the best; ego is also to be intimidated, feel fear and anguish in the opinion of others. If you accept yourself as you are with your many virtues and defects with your internal and physical imperfections; You will definitely project positive and authentic thoughts that will make you look beautiful, free from prejudice.

In your hands is really accepting you as you are, without wanting to resemble … or achieve … or be as successful as …

Feel beautiful through thoughts

13 tips to feel beautiful without resorting to any “makeup”

  1. Value yourself don’t destroy yourself; thank the universe for what you have; don’t insult yourself, don’t tell yourself, ugly, fat, failed; remember that life is a mirror; what you say, act or think; that will be
  2. Analyze your thoughts
  3. Enjoy all that life gives you
  4. Forget what they will say
  5. Be free, don’t listen to what they think of you
  6. Your physical beauty is not decisive to be happy
  7. Don’t be a puppet of the consumer society
  8. Don’t want to look like anyone, be yourself
  9. Live inside you comfortably and happily
  10. As beautiful as you are, if you don’t love yourself, your interior will be a true ugly duckling
  11. Keep positive thoughts, constructive attitudes
  12. Always have your upright posture, never bend down physically or emotionally
  13. Thanks for everything you have
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