10 tips to keep your mental health

Mental health and well-being does not refer exclusively to psychiatric health. It is a set of values ​​that each person must feed so that their quality of life improves, so that the “weight of life” is really bearable.

Within that large group of values ​​and that day by day we must cultivate is self-esteem: that it is nothing more than the self-assessment of the person in the face of multiple mainly positive circumstances, in the face of issues such as our body, our way of thinking and acting. When self-esteem is high, everything flows, everything is achieved.

Mental health is always related to the well-being of the person, not only physically, but emotionally.

Here are these tips to keep your mental health and wellbeing ideal …

  1. Accept yourself as you are, unpretentious, “makeup”, be authentic
  2. It manages to reduce stress levels with good food and adequate exercise
  3. Try to make good relationships, cultivate your friendships, and above all, maintain good relationships with your family members.
  4. Be supportive in this way you will receive solidarity and support when you need it
  5. Be disciplined with your savings, always keep a “mattress” of money remember that when “skinny cows” appear it is necessary to be fully prepared, it is what everyone now calls “plan B”
  6. No reactions for everything, reactivity, constant fighting and controversy create conflict, drive away friends and produce deep depression and stress
  7. Seek to share your problems with arguments, but be careful, don’t complain about everything; complaining people drive others away
  8. Learn to know yourself, in this way you will control your moods
  9. Keep optimistic about life and what surrounds you, stay away from negative and conflicting people, this infects you.
  10. Share, invite, to be invited; do not lock yourself in your own shell remember that isolation produces stress, low self-esteem and negative thoughts.

Lastly and most importantly, to maintain a healthy mental attitude and well-being, the ideal is to have confidence in yourself. This is a key ingredient to make any of your dreams come true. You can achieve anything you want in this world, but first you need to believe that you can do it.

by Abdullah Sam
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