How to Face a Serious Disease

Assume a Serious Disease. When you or a family member dictates a serious, incurable disease, the world collapses, beyond the complications of the same disease, the personal and family situation changes sharply.

They begin to resort to more medical options, some go to the medicinal plants, alternative medicines, prayers, spells; all kinds of possibilities; because what you really want to hear is that the first diagnosis has been wrong.

Many, fortunately, cling to something Superior, faith emerges. Others, on the other hand, lose faith, turn to magic and to a world of rituals that always makes the situation worse and further destabilizes the emotional and economic part of the person and their family members.

Over the years or by organic constitution we will all one day become patient, we will have to face some temporary or permanent (chronic) illness that will inevitably lead us to death. That is why whatever comes to us or diagnoses we must accept it as part of our human reality, this will help us to assume a Serious Disease.

The opinion of a serious illness usually leads to pain, despair, restlessness, fear or perhaps panic of what is not known to happen, to the future and of course to the end. The thought of death begins to occupy a special place in our thinking.

But, although it seems incredible, the opinion of a serious illness can change our attitude so much that it will make us the best human beings; we can become an example of strength, overcoming and even admiration, who would say so, we can achieve true happiness.

Tips for Assuming a Serious Disease

Remember that you can take advantage of your disease, we can become more fervent, unite through our diagnosis to the family, learn to be more responsible for our actions and acquire the full maturity of life. Many are the sick who have become true examples of life.

The ideal is to lose the fear of death, facing it, almost challenging it; Embrace your illness and learn from it; This positive attitude can even lead you to experience life miracles that not even science itself can explain; Remember that through faith there is also healing. A medical diagnosis is not a death sentence, your attitude towards the problem can change any diagnosis.

Another good advice is to try as much as possible to be active; if the disease allows it, it is important that you do not abandon your friends, do not enclose yourself much less “throw yourself to death in your bed” ; Look for activities and have your family involve you in them.

The cinema, a good play, a musical, some rich ounces with your friends; All this may be appropriate for you to have a different spread to the burden that the disease brings in itself. Remember that the positive attitude is salvation for both the mind and the body and spirit.

Psychologists advise you not to move away from reality, talk about your illness and your process, treatments, inconveniences, falls and falls; but also talk about when you feel very optimistic, that you had a painless night, that your medication is working.

In short, involve your people with what you are living, without becoming a martyr, just live your own truth with responsibility. Learn to live with your illness, don’t run away from it, much less ignore it; because that does lead to fatality.

Live the life you have with intensity, turn to your good memories, photos, videos, music; without falling into nostalgia, or depression; It is also advisable to live day to day with intensity without forgetting to thank the Creator for one more day of life among yours.

Free yourself from bad memories, resentments, hatreds and frustrations ; It is not time to feed your spirit with what could harm you even more.

If conditions permit, read, write a life diary; write everything you feel and live; tell your people through your writings how much you love them; but also when you call or visit them talk about positive things, tell them that you love them, that you are grateful to them; don’t save your feelings; They will always thank you.


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