Compare with others

Compare yourself to others, why shouldn’t you do it? One of the big problems faced today by both men and women between the ages of 15 and 50 is that at all costs they want to resemble … or compare with.

These types of people, by the way, have low self-esteem, envy and become bitter for everything their neighborhood, work, university classmate or high school student may have; They live in a continuous competition, silent and frustrating.

Then an insecure and inferior personality emerges. Remember that you are unique, that you have talents, beauty, aptitudes and attitudes that are not comparable with anyone’s ; comparing yourself with someone will always increase a tasteless in you; because there will always be better, smarter, more attractive, nicer, luckier people than you.

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People who tend to resemble … or compare themselves to others are very perfectionists and live according to appearance. That attitude only generates that you get hurt, overwhelm, become shy, insecure, uneasy, envious, self-centered and resentful.

If you live at the expense of the shadow of the other you will never make progress. In order not to fall into such an attitude it is important to establish that all people are different; that you also have achievements, attributes and if you want you can also shine and stand out.

Remember that this bad habit is harmful. Look at what others have with admiration, but NEVER with envy, this negative feeling corrodes and corners.

It is not true the old and trite said: “I feel healthy envy “, is envy anyway. Always behind envy there is anger, frustration and sadness. Envy prevents us from seeing opportunities presented to us, but for wanting to resemble … we let them pass. He who compares himself is not authentic, cares about the lives of others and does not cultivate his virtues and achievements.

People who compare with … or want to resemble …, are people who are always thinking about what they will say and always need the approval of others to make their own decisions because they do not risk to prove on their own that they are capable.

Be careful if you compare your children with others …

But the most serious thing is that they compare themselves to the children; either with siblings or with classmates or with neighbors. If you do it with your children, be very careful. Because they become hostile, frustrated, depressed, insecure. And most seriously, they suffer psychological damage for life.

The children are unique; that it matters that the neighboring child plays violin or is an outstanding athlete; Remember that your child can also become someone prominent; but don’t depress it with comparisons; much less tell your son that his partner is intelligent, beautiful, polite, slender.

If you think that is the best formula for your child to change; you are doing the opposite; you are digging his own “grave” of frustrations, depressions and insecurities.

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