Tips to have the most firm and toned arms

Although it may not seem like it, the arms are a part of the body that accumulates a lot of fat, so over time they become flaccid and we begin to hide them. These exercises, simple and you can do at home, will help you tone them up and now you can show off your bare arms every day.

Push-ups to tone the arms

Yes it is. Although it sounds typical, push-ups are an excellent exercise to tone the arms, which at the beginning can be difficult but with perseverance they give excellent results. It is also a super complete exercise because it attacks the chest, abdomen and back.

Tip: accommodate the palms of your hands firmly and open on the floor, to make it easier to push hard.

Weights to tone the arms

This exercise is very simple and if you do not have weights or dumbbells in houses you can do them at home with plastic bottles and sand. To do it you just have to stand with your legs open at shoulder height.

When lifting weights you should form a 90 degree angle with your elbows and keep your back straight. Be very careful with the weight you are going to lift, since if you make a lot of effort you can injure some muscle. The idea is to start with little weight while the arms get used.

Tip: start with 8 repetitions and repeat in 2 series. When you feel comfortable, increase the repetitions to 12.

Stretch Triceps

It seems complicated but it is super effective. You can do it at home and you don’t need any special equipment. Sit on the edge of a chair and put your hands next to your hip, rest your feet on the floor forming a 90 degree angle with your knees. Then slowly lift your body and lower with your back straight until your elbows form a 90 degree angle.

Tip: Repeat this exercise 12 times in 2 series. Gradually increase the number of times you repeat, to the extent that you can support your weight.

French Press

Lying on the floor on your back and with your knees bent, hold a weight in each hand, stretch your arms leaving your palms facing front, now flex your elbows back, leaving your hands at ear level and stretching again the arms

Tip: do a series of 3 with 10 repetitions each. Check the weight of the dumbbells, it is better to start with a low weight since you can get to hurt your elbows.

General Recommendations for Toning Arms

  • Do these exercises 3 times a week.
  • Each exercise session is 3 circuits with repetitions of 15 to 20.
  • Inhale in the first movement and exhale when making the effort.
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