The Best Sports to Have a Super Body

What are the best sports for weight loss? We have heard a lot about the benefits of practicing some sport. It does the heart good, keeps our brain young, improves our metabolism and of course helps us to have a healthier and more beautiful body.

Here we want to tell you the 5 best sports to lose weight and have a body 10.


Although it depends on distance, intensity and time, running helps burn between 600 and 650 calories in 30 minutes. It is also an excellent cardiorespiratory exercise. If you want to ensure faster and more noticeable results, make your sessions a minimum of 30 minutes.


Bicycling helps you burn more than 500 calories. It is a super complete cardiovascular exercise that helps strengthen the legs and tail, in addition to giving the planet a giant respite. You can also do it with an exercise bike, it is a good exercise to lose weight.


With 30 minutes of play, you can burn more than 488 calories, it is a sport that mixes strength, speed and agility and also does the heart good. It is an excellent exercise to tone arms, back and legs.


Many say it is the most complete sport, because practically all the muscles of the body work. Depending on the intensity and speed you can burn in 30 minutes between 300 and 450 calories. If what you want is to lose weight, this is an excellent sport to do it.


In addition to burning 400 calories every half hour, you will have a stronger, stronger and more flexible body. You will be more firm and toned from head to toe as the whole body is involved in the development of this exercise.

Tips that will help you in your routines – Sports to lose weight

  • Make exercise a priority in your agenda, find a schedule and start with the routine.If you see that you have no space in your agenda, maybe you can combine your exercise routine with another activity you do, such as while watching Television you can do sports.
  • After 2 weeks of following your routine with judgment, it will no longer cost so much effort to do it.
  • Combining exercise with fun is the best formula, look for the time you take to do the exercises more enjoyable. Listening to your favorite music can help you a lot.
  • Setting goals will help you comply with the routines, you can use a diary to record activities and achievements. More than a physical goal you can start with resistance goals.
  • Be very careful with the postures you use in each exercise, in addition to helping you burn more calories, it helps you avoid an annoying and painful injury.
  • Breathing is something you should keep in mind. Breathing well will properly oxygenate your body, making your muscles more efficient.
  • Stretching before and after doing some sport is essential, since it will prepare and recover the muscles avoiding pain and injury.
  • Do not exaggerate! If you are starting a routine do not intend to do 1 hour or more of sport time, it is better to start small and as you feel good you will increase the intensity.
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