Vacumterapia: What is it, Uses and Benefits

What is Vacumterapia?

It is an aesthetic treatment that seeks to mobilize localized fat towards the lymphatic system so that it can then be expelled through sweat or urine and as a consequence, also reduce cellulite.

It is a non-invasive treatment that uses suction devices that help drain adipose tissue, it is a highly recommended treatment to eliminate localized fat and can be supplemented with cavitation.

How does Vacumterapia work?

A glass cup is used that achieves a vacuum effect on the skin, the patient has a massage sensation with this cup.

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The cup will be located on the area to be treated, the most frequent are abdomen to reduce fat, legs and buttocks to treat cellulite.

It is important that there be a first assessment appointment, as this treatment requires several sessions to show the effects, that depends on the degree of cellulite that the person presents and the fat that you want to eliminate.

Normally the minimum is 10 sessions and usually from the 8th session is that you begin to notice the benefits, so fill in as a patient.

Remember that everything must be complemented with exercise and adequate food, the vacuum therapy sessions will be of no use if you do not modify your lifestyle.

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Benefits of Vacumterapia

  1. Eliminate localized fat.
    2. Reduce cellulite.
    3. It has a firming effect.
    4. Helps reaffirm specific areas such as breasts and buttocks.
    5. Stimulates elastin in tissues.
    6. Fight sagging.
    7. It helps relieve muscle aches.
    8. On the facial skin, clean pores and detoxify the skin.
    9. Stimulates the drainage of toxins in the body.
    10. Improves blood circulation.

Side Effects and Contraindications

It is important that the treatment is done by trained people, in this way the greatest trauma to the skin and tissues will be avoided.

Among the most frequent side effects are:

  1. Hematomas
    2. Redness of the skin
    3. Slight discomfort after treatment

Although it is a safe treatment, experts recommend avoiding it in the following cases:

  1. Diabetic people since this treatment can modify blood sugar levels.
    2. If you have any type of condition, peeling or rosacea on the skin.
    3. In pregnant women or who are planning to be soon.
    4. In people with cancer or who have a tumor.
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