How to be beautiful

In this article, I want to share with you some tips to “become” more beautiful (but we all know that you and I already are…).

No theoretical fluff or low-quality tricks, just the right tips and practical advice , which you can put to the test right away to test its effectiveness yourself. In my experience they have all proved to be very useful for increasing my level of internal well-being, and also the way in which I am perceived by others.

In a word, here are 10 things you can do right away to boost your beauty and be more charming.

How to become more beautiful

1. Throw out your soap

Wait wait! It’s not what you believe. I’m certainly not telling you to stop washing ?

But you have to throw your soap away, seriously. In all honesty, there is no simpler or more important thing to do if you care about improving the quality and health of your skin.

As? So what do I wash with? With another type of soap: ecological soap. You won’t believe it, but using ecological soap (sometimes called organic soap) instead of regular soap makes all the difference in the world. And you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune, I usually always buy it in traditional supermarkets, spending practically the same amount.

The reason? So, beyond the personal results that I could obviously only describe to you and you should trust, I want to recommend watching this very important video. After seeing it my life changed completely:

(Turn on the subtitles automatically translated into Italian, if you need them. Or do you want to learn English ?)

In practice, in “normal” soap, and in many other cosmetic products, substances that are not exactly harmless are inserted, very similar to plastic. These substances, which are not immediately irritating to the skin and therefore always pass all safety tests, as you could see in the video are actually quite insidious. In fact, the plastic contained in the products is made up of individual small “beads”, aggregates of molecules, which drag along all the tiny particles of dirt they encounter, then making them deposit on your precious skin. The problem is that there are millions of these damn beads, they are invisible, and getting rid of them is very difficult. They stay stuck, spread on your hair, enter your eyes, your mouth and then your digestive system… In short, not exactly a good show.

For this reason I feel strongly to give you this tip. Switch to organic soap, and you will see that many of your cosmetic problems will disappear . The positive effects arrive within a few days, and are immediately visible. The bad smell decreases (very often the latter is due to the occlusion of the pores as well as to the dirt deposited by traditional detergents), the skin and lips are less dry, the hair finds a new light, and even acne it often goes away as if by magic.

Perhaps everything will seem incredible to you, and frankly I too didn’t believe it until I tried it, “on my skin” as they say. I also passed the same tip to friends and girlfriends, and one of them in particular now uses 100% ecological cosmetics.

And so, we became much more beautiful! Not that she needed it mind you ?

When you only have two cents, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.
– Chinese proverb

2. Take care of your diet

I remember that, a few years ago. When I was little. No one thought about what ended up on their plate. Eating for me was a question of filling one’s stomach, it was an activity like any other, and the quality of the food was not important, it was only used to stop being hungry. Isn’t it poisoned and “tastes good”? Perfect. That, and two sodas.

Time passes, and nowadays as you see diets and food fads and nutritionists and information on the subject are everywhere. It’s always talked about. And supplements yes, no, vitamins, proteins, gluten, blood type diet… In short, food has become a sort of second religion.

So, of course, since you will already have enough voices in your head that want to advise you on what to eat and why, I will limit myself to giving you some very basic advice, which I think are the essential ones if your goal is to be or become more beautiful, or more beautiful, or even much more simply to be fitter and healthier.

First of all, the most important thing.

The water

Our body is made up of 99% water, like jellyfish, everyone knows that. No come on, I don’t remember the exact percentage but surely you’ve already heard the same story and by now you know it better than me. Water is important to us human beings. And the quality of the water we drink every day is especially important.

What changes, you will say? A lot of things! Tap water, for example, is not even drinkable in many countries. Furthermore, if you do the tests in a very banal laboratory (there are some in all universities that have something to do with chemistry), you discover that it is full of chemicals that are not exactly good for the well-being of our body.

Without going around too much, try to improve the quality of your water as much as possible, and see if anything changes. The easiest way to proceed is to use glass bottled water dispensers, and if your city doesn’t provide one, you can always resort to a convenient reverse osmosis filter or other filtration system.

If you travel, however, there is a straw, called LIfe-Straw, which allows you to drink from any river by filtering the dirty water for you into brand new and fresh (almost) spring water! ?

Foods to avoid

There are some things to avoid, and they are as follows:

Processed products

To be avoided like the plague, processed industrial products such as snacks or packaged ice cream, processed meats, foods full of preservatives or more generally anything that makes your stomach glisten when you turn off the light. This for a very simple reason: the food you eat will then be the raw material that your body will use to build itself. The more what you eat will be synthesized in the laboratory, therefore, the more your DNA will have difficulty integrating it with all the rest of your, and I repeat, precious cells. Eat products that have been processed as little as possible therefore. Ideally, one to 3 or 4 ingredients maximum. Obviously fruit and vegetables are fine, but we’ll get to that later.

Refined sugars

Refined sugars, like white sugar and brown sugar, are bad for your looks and of course your health as well. That’s right, even the cane one. That’s bad news right? I know sugar is impossible to get rid of, after all new studies have come out showing how real and proven sugar addiction is. Even if you didn’t think so once. I’m not saying that everything Wikipedia says is true, but in short, at least one eyebrow makes me raise it (but no more than two). Furthermore, a very trivial reason: the health of our body, as well as its external beauty, is based very much on the quality of our microbiome, or all the (good) bacteria that are naturally found in our intestines. Obviously, there are not only good drummers, there are also bad ones, and also many other ugly and disturbing things (small single-celled moulds, fungi, and so on…). All these little creatures eat refined sugars, because they have already been reduced to the right amount for their consumption. In this way, however, our intestines get tired and we struggle to be healthy.

So try cutting out sugar for a few days, and you’ll notice the difference. You will be terrible! ?

No, seriously, I’m not kidding at all. Reducing sugars to 0 is extremely difficult and often causes crises. I tried it too and after two days I felt like I passed out and I was the saddest person in the universe. Graduality therefore in this case comes to our aid. As a “light” substitute for sugars, you can consume some sweet fresh fruit, such as apples, bananas or pineapples, in moderation. Alternatively, if you really feel like sweetening what you drink or eat, give a chance to the more natural alternatives to the fearsome and very bad sugar, such as syrups (rice, agave, or maple) or the very delicate coconut sugar.

Low quality fats

I had many pimples once, and also the classic “beer” bacon so called. In fact, it wasn’t beer bacon at all. It was a “bacon” bacon hehe. In fact, when I stopped eating bad quality fats, I lost 15 kilos settling at 78, which was my ideal weight at the time, and which I maintain today without making the slightest effort. You understood well. I eat my fill, do no physical activity of any kind (okay, I walk a lot, but we’ll get to that later as well), and I can still see all six abs very clearly. Which aren’t six, it’s just one muscle, but let’s continue with our story.

What about good fats instead?

Fats are very important for our body. I’m not telling you they should be eliminated! I always eat lots of them. Since the issue is debated, I won’t tell you which fats are bad or which ones you absolutely have to eat or you’ll explode. I’ll just tell you the ones I like and that I eat:

  • Dried fruit of any kind
  • Oilseeds, such as sunflower, sesame, flax, hemp, chia and pumpkin seeds
  • Coconut oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Peanut, hazelnut, or almond butter

I won’t post the abs photo, you’ll have to trust it ?

What do I eat then?

As I said, I don’t want to be your food guru and hypnotize you by giving you my ten commandments about food. Only practical tips that you can put to the test right away, we said. Right? So here’s one that changed my life completely:

If you want to lose weight, eat regular meals . Simply put, don’t have lots of snacks, just one or two a day. In even simpler words: let your stomach empty! This is a key step. When the stomach is empty it absorbs everything better, as well as all the other organs down to the intestine. Which means more nutrition and more satiety with less food. Less waste, more energy ?

Early in the morning, therefore, always try to start your day with something very light . An aloe juice or a green juice are ideal, but fresh fruit or even a large salad can also be fine. In this way, the energy and blood that would normally be used in digesting cooked food remain at your disposal from that moment on, throughout the day. Another benefit: the fresh and “live” juices and the fibrous fruit, together, will act as internal water and toothbrush, cleansing you from the inside. Do they say that true beauty is inner beauty? ?

I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being skin deep. It’s deep enough. What would you like, a cute pancreas?
– Jean Kerr

3. Smile

It may seem trivial to you, but smiling is truly one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for being beautiful. Of course, I’m not telling you to force yourself to smile (although one study showed that someone who is forced to smile, through a pencil between their teeth, is markedly more likely to have a good day). The advice is to enjoy things as they are , especially with regard to yourself and your image. You’re doing just fine as you are. Have you heard this phrase as many times maybe, how often do you put it into practice?

A practical exercise in this case is to do a “social fast” for a few days. Minimize or cut off Instagram, Facebook, and any other sources of “comparison” with the beauty of others. You’re missing out on the chance to make yours shine!

Ultimately, beauty is nothing more than an attitude.
Isabel Allende

4. Rest

Another thing to improve the health and appearance of your eyes is to stop looking at your cell phone before falling asleep . To be precise, at least an hour and a half before. That’s because the light from the screen activates our pineal gland, making it think it’s still daytime, and keeping our waking-state hormones firing for up to 90 minutes (plus recovery)!

Rest, on the other hand, if we want to look beautiful and improve our state of well-being (internal and external), is absolutely essential. Some super simple tricks that you can implement immediately are to sleep in a completely dark room, not to dine too late, and as already mentioned, replace the unfortunately ugly (it must be said) habit of reading with reading, or another non-technological activity. stand in front of the phone screen.

Close your eyes and you will see the beauty.
– Anonymous

5. Get moving!

As I mentioned in the paragraph on food, I managed to “have abs” even though I hardly ever train and I don’t play any sports. What’s the catch then? Well, I’m moving! A habit I’ve developed while traveling is never to stay too still. And it’s an extremely healthy habit for your health. Very little is often enough . Instead of sitting on the sofa for 2 hours, try going to another room, maybe taking the stairs, or just going for a walk, exploring a new place near your city, or just switching activities, changing positions, switching sofas… whatever !

If you can always and constantly keep yourself on the bike, you won’t need to make a lot of effort to have a good body and feel fit.

After all, Coco Chanel also said it:

There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women.

6. Meditate

It will seem strange to you, and for me as an engineer by training it certainly was, but one thing that can help you a lot in your search for beauty is inner research. Well yes, I’m talking about meditation, sometimes also called mindfulness. It is a predominantly oriental type of practice, but which has recently been spreading widely in the West as well.

The benefits of meditating every day, even just 10 minutes, are many and extraordinary and have also been scientifically proven. Increased concentration, decreased stress levels, improved mood, and a whole series of beautiful things that will naturally come from the constant application of this very simple practice.

I wrote an article about it, if you are interested check it out ?

You just have to try!

Beauty is not a quality of things themselves: it exists only in the mind that contemplates them, and each mind perceives a different beauty.
– David Hume

7. Read

As a last point, congratulations. You are reading! Reading makes you smarter, and intelligence is often considered a very attractive trait. Plus, as you’ve noticed, reading this article on how to improve your physical appearance, if you apply yourself to exercises, will seriously pay off!

And to think that once upon a time those who read a lot were marginalized… Poor Leopardi ?

I’m attracted to intelligence as if it were beauty, and beauty as if it were intelligence.
– Richard Krause

The most beautiful in the realm…

I know I know, you read the title of this article and thought: “Who does he think he is to tell everyone how to be beautiful? Wasn’t beauty a subjective thing then?”

First of all, at least as I write these words, my site appears on the first page of Google, as the first result, for the keywords “charming man” (even without quotes). Not motes. And then well, that beauty is always subjective, I don’t know. Not that I have anything to object to, personally. The ancient Greeks didn’t agree much. Ever heard of the golden section? Well, that’s another story…

As a last thought, I wanted to remind you of something very important. Wanting to be more beautiful is definitely a good thing, but even better is knowing your own infinite and ever-present beauty, your own particular way of shining and lighting up this world.


by Abdullah Sam
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